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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Gal is a COUGAR

"I'm a cougar, aren't I?" is what she said. This is how the conversation got there:

We had enjoyed the enchiladas for lunch and I had a couple of drips of tea in my mug and without thinking I sloshed them onto my plate and swirled it around. While still at the table. While she was still eating. In retrospect, it doesn't sound too classy.

The wife says: I was reading somebody who admitted they were in their 40s but still in the middle of a long and weird adolescence.
Me: Oh, the tea on the plate? I had these extra drips and I thought if I poured them on my plate and swirled it around, it would be easier to wash my plate :)
she: Maybe sometimes when 2 people are together a very long time, they figure they can be as weird as they want to be.
me: I am fully willing to admit I am a fifteen year old.

And that is when she realized she is a cougar......

(slightly blurry photo of an awesome teapot by Gary Rith)


CiCi said...

Funny, I thought you put the last of your tea on your plate so you could read the tea leaves easier. Didn't dawn on me it would make it easier to clean. I like your wife's statement "Maybe sometimes when 2 people are together a very long time, they figure they can be as weird as they want to be." It is right on.

Michèle Hastings said...

weird = interesting (and often times fun)

Unknown said...

I am not much into titles. George's Mom was 12 years older than his Dad. Actually no one every noticed, nor did they care.
I think that when it comes to relationships you cannot compare those with anyone else's. Each relationship is totally up close and personal. It's totally intimate to those two particular people.
George was 17 and I was 15 when married. Would I suggest that to someone else. No Way, I stay out of people's personal relationships totally. lol lol :)
One has to do what one thinks is right for them. No one else can even venture to know what that is, except the person themselves.
It's not a numbers game for me. If two people truly love each other, that is the only thing that matters. For George and I our weirdness is exactly the intimacy we share...and love it! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You both are so funny. I agree, the Missus is the adult here. :)

Anonymous said...

This blog post is a wonderful love story. ♥

(Also, I live something a little bit like this, surrounded by males.)

Unknown said...

Love the double decker teapot!!!

Congrats to the resident Cougar! She snagged her one who is apparently good with his hands.

Always a huge plus. ;-D

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