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Thursday, January 6, 2011

wait till the wife sees THIS

I remember when my first pet died. I was so upset that even the next day I could not figure out how anybody ever got out of bed. Well, I got over it, and other pets have passed away since, and they have taught me a lot about life, death, dying and mourning. Our pets teach us a lot, don't they? Especially since each of ours has been worth a thousand million humans. Like (I think it was) Mark Twain said: "the more people I meet, the more I like my dog". Thanks for all the comments and notes yesterday, jeez! Here I am, poking at the computer, finding the few worthy humans that are as nice as a dog or cat :) Thanks to all of you.

I think the hardest part of our cat Emily's illness was saying goodbye. Trying to make her comfortable. Watching her physically take each step closer to death. And her attempts to be her usual sweet self and say goodbye. And, then, sorry to be morbid, taking her body out into the snow. It is so cold outside, and you have this cold and wet hole to put her into...jeez. As I say, our pets help us learn about death and mourning in a very direct way.
Anyhow, the pets had been very subdued in our house, but then suddenly spent the day more boisterous than I have ever seen them. A celebration of life. A couple of pics of that below.
OK, so the vet says "Penny has beautiful teeth, you have to brush them and keep them that way" which you don't really grow up expecting "One day I will be an adult and I will have to wrestle my beagle to the floor every day and brush her teeth". I do it just before a walk. She loves to walk outside, so I figure get that little unpleasantness out of the way....

These dudes have aperfect sound. I want to hang out with them, I want to go to their parties!!!!!


Gallow said...

Have you tried flossing?

Unknown said...

Teeth brushing doesn't go over well at our house either... and nail clipping. Don't they understand it's for their own good? ;)

cm said...

Is that a cat-ghost in the background?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awwww.....yes, we learn a lot from our pets.
I brush ozzie's teeth. He does not mind, he loves any attention he can get. :)

Lou said...

that is really hard Gary, I remember it with my first pet, Penny, we used an old blanket from when I was a child that she used to like to lie on, but even then, it's hard, I empathise. As you said though, it teaches us, and we know that they are gone I think when we have to return them to the earth. I'm so glad the others are cheering you up, they're brilliant aren't they? Big hug, x

Gary's third pottery blog said...

It is totally funny, each shot DOES have a cat ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

That is THE SWEETEST picture of Maude and Penny.

Unknown said...

I see Emily's spirit also. George saw a dog ghost at the one gallery we were at in Antioch. He said he couldn't tell if it was a Beagle or Basset. Love this band, they rock! MMM I have to brush the Psycho Ratties teeth, but first with a treat. I have to put the treat on the table, show it to them, and say, "If you want this you have to let me brush your teeth"! They are suckers for greed, so they happily put up with it! lol lol :)

Susan as Herself said...

Emily the cat ghost---I see it too.

And the vet said I need to brush Chief the cat's teeth---but man---that's like wrassling a baby alligator---no success yet!!!

Anonymous said...

I lovelovelove that picture of Maude and Penny! ♥
The vet has always said to brush Cleo's teeth, but she points out that she has claws and I don't. SuperDad could probably do it (he successfully trims her nails) but we would have had to start that torture when she was kitten.
Yes, I see cat ghosts! Cool.

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