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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

STILL stinky

You probably love the piggy bank in the header. I have made thousands of them since 1989. There are some piggy banks and other groovy items for sale at my etsy shop now!

Yesterday I was like
"hey Georges, bikini girls and free drinks just through this door!" (I was holding the washer open) and my rude French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is like
"mais oui, I am there!" but he is not quite that dumb, and he balks at the door and scurries off. Still smelly, still stinky.

You get to dinner time, and Georges tells me he has a secret to share
"Mon ami, I forgive you zee trick earlier. I make you ENCHILADAS LE SOQ. Ees easy"
"Tasty too!" I agree.

"Zee gestalt, mon ami, ees dis: warm something up, put in zee tortilla, den bake it with zee enchilada sauce on top. Ees all you need to know"* and he is right, this sauce does all the work for you....

*enchiladas Le Soq, the way he made it yesterday
-saute onion, pepper, carrots, add soy sausage, cooked rice and beans, then add olives and cilantro and spice
-put non- dairy cheese onto 6 tortillas
-dump warm contents from fry pan onto tortillas, roll en up
-place in pan, dump the tasty enchilada sauce and jalapenos on there, bake at 350 15 minutes

Still loooooooooove Godsmack....


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I made Shepherd's Pie last night, because my family was a bit tired of my Mexican food kick. I think I would have rather had your enchiladas!

Also, I've been craving tater tots. I blame you. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh, Georges... you should just monkey up and get in the washer. You'll feel so much better after the spin cycle. ;)

k.a. barnes said...

Georges needs to write a cookbook. I made those ridiculously easy peanut butter cookies this weekend and they were amazing.

Michèle Hastings said...

looks yummy... did you have margaritas to go with them?

Busy Bee Suz said...

You AND Georges are hilarious!!!!

Susan as Herself said...

YUM---enchiladas!!! But of course I would omit ANY kind of sausage and use real cheese and add EXTRA tomatoes.... Enchiladas Susan!

Kimberly said...

We made a quiche since we have so many pullet eggs now... quuiche quiche quiche....but I love it.

Shortstuff said...

Say what you will about the stink, that monkey can COOK!

Unknown said...

Wow, those enchiladas look scrumptious..mmm! Georges isn't that stupid Gary, he maybe smelly, but not dumb! lol lol Love the Godsmack of course. Rockin! All I would have to do to get Salvadore in the washer is throw a buck in it! lol lol :) or super glue a quarter in :)

Reverend Awesome said...

No matter the smell he's worth keeping around for the food. As long as the smell isn't so bad that it's keeping you from eating it.
Is Georges one of those drown-yourself-in-cologne-so-no one-smells-your-B.O. types? he looks like it.

Deb said...

This was way too funny. I just found your blog on Why Not Pottery Blog. I'll definitely check back.

BSOB said...

he's a true ithacan, whaddya want!?

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