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Sunday, April 18, 2010

me, Georges Le Soq and the missus with the traveling classroom

Nance has been like
"people want you to teach a class at my shop!" and I have been like
"mmmm, I don't like groups" and Nance has been, for 2 years
"but you teach a great class!" and I was like
"maybe 3 people" and so we thought we would try a simple class.
I made at the home studio a series of tiles and plain mugs, packed them up with brushes and underglaze paints, and grabbed the wife and some examples plus my rotton sock monkey Georges to model. SO, class was not 3, but 6: Nance and her son Wilson, and Alli and her 2 little girls along with my wife. We had a great time, with cupcakes! Now I dunk in the clear glaze and fire for them, and return them to the store...

Alli did a rather fab Georges Le Soq herself.....


Cheryl said...

Maine is pretty in the spring, maybe a class here?? Looks like a great class indeed. Do hope Georges was on his best behavior...

Jill Brown said...

I think you should come to Iowa and teach a class. :)

ang design said...

well they had fun!

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