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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night I am here at the 'puter and watching my own personal THE OFFICE marathon, one after another (Pam and Jim are SO CUTE) and I watch so many I get dizzy and then I head for bed, everybody else long ago asleep.
And there is the little beagle sleeping atop my pillow.
I reach down and start moving her, saying quietly
"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but move your ass little dog" and the wife turns her pretty sleepy, half awake head, having apparently heard only part of that and tells me
"Oh I love you so much too. Thank you, you're wonderful!" And I did not correct her. Hopefully she won't see this post.
was doing the usual Friday afternoon thang at the Chapterhouse Bar...other Gary R. was there---almost my same name, but he looks like Papa Hemmingway and he is a TOTAL HOOT and hopefully he will join us next week, upping the percentage of Gary R's at the table, and I am showing off my new keychain sharpie and Christi turns to Benji, rolls up her sleeve, and is like
"new tat bro"

new tat for the day and my missus makes an important point to Christi...

Benji above, me below...


Unknown said...

Oh no! Christi has been numbered! ;)

Isn't every point that Maude makes an important point? :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I wanna go!

cindy shake said...

We LOVE the office -we've been watching it on Hulu when we miss an episode and it's sooo much better without all the commercials.

Great idea for a TAT! I actually have my very own UPC bar code....hmmmmm

Cheryl said...

Lets see, if I leave here waaay early Friday a.m. I might get to the bar by cocktail hour.

Christi said...

next time *I'm* giving Benji the tattoo.

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