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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter gives you a reason to wear RASPBERRY pants

The SIL gives me a subscription to Esquire, which, as you know, is amusing. It tells you who is wearing jeans this spring, and how. They had an article on COLORED jeans which was pretty useful. Something like what to wear with white jeans, grey jeans, and, as they put it "GO TO HELL, look at me jeans", their example being, of course, bright green jeans. I have bright raspberry colored jeans as some of you know, and you have to figure EASTER weekend is all about the raspberry jeans.

Some folks came over last night for a beer and some bean dip, notably our best pal Norah, the potter, chemist, engineer AND knitter and baker, seen here with the missus.... (you will notice the awesome foam beer holders Kasey sent us from Iowa :)

I was thinking a bright green shirt to go with my raspberry jeans like last time, but then thought bright blue is a nice change...
and look at these 2 party crashers, Jacques Le Soq in the chair and his naughty cousin Georges Le Soq hiding in the flowers....

Georges likes his beers, but remember, he weighs less than a beer, so really, you have to cut him off after a couple of spoon fulls or he gets a little TOO wild...

and speaking of wild monkeys, don't these monkey mugs I made kick AZZ? Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pants. Don't know anyone else who would be photographed in those, much less post it on the blog. You go!

kate et jim said...

Jacques looks like he's already half in the bag and check out Georges who seems to be smashed and sitting amongst the flowers!

That's too funny, Gary! lol

cookingwithgas said...

Makes me think of blueberries and raspberries- a good pairing.

Unknown said...

Those are azz kickin' monkey cups. Does Georges know about them?

I must admit, raspberry colored pants are quite trendy. Like Kasey, I'm not really a shopper, but if I ever find me a pair... :)

Happy Easter!

Reverend Awesome said...

Kum and Go and Kung Fu Tap beer koozies!!!

I see you went with bright blue shirt. Still looks fly.

Liz said...

We love the monkey mugs!

denis said...

cool pants!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that you dress so festive.
Looks like spring has sprung in your neck of the woods!!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Cheryl said...

Great photo of you and Maude. You are one stylin' dude. Not just anyone can wear raspberry pants...And Georges, good heavens, smashed in the flowers. Did he actually drink a whole bottle of beer?

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