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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Georges Le Soq + leftovers = tres magnifique!

Last week the wife comes home from some sort of party with some super tasty tabouli and tahini, pitas and falafels **
Night one, we finish the falafels and pita with some tahini and tabouli.
Night two, just a nice quantity of tahini and tabouli left, but not a meal's worth.

Our enterprising house guest Georges Le Soq, the rotton sock monkey, is in his closet, and comes out before dinnertime yawning.
"mon ami, what ees for dinner, I hongry" and I am like
"hmmm" as I stare at the little bits of leftovers and Georges comes over and he is like
"mon ami, ees easy, you boil some noodles" and in about 20 minutes the noodles were done and I am like
"what next Georges?" and he is like
"mon ami, you haff no imagination, you stir dese tings together" and I did, and it tasted awesome! We had invented a new dish. I made it again today, NOT out of leftovers: mmmmmm!

Gary and Georges Le Soq's Tabouli and Tahini noodles
--boil 6 oz noodles
--add about 6 oz tabouli
--add about a half cup of tahini and stir
HOLY CATS tis yummy!

**tahini is a sesame seed spread sorta like peanut butter, tabouli is a salad made of bulgar wheat, tomatos, mint and lemon, pita is NOT pain in the ass unless it is, and falafels are tasty little fried chickpea balls


ang design said...

mmm bring on the rice noodles!

Cheryl said...

Yum. Perhaps you and Georges could write a cookbook together!

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