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Friday, April 16, 2010

BUNNY ARGYLE NOODLE: try not to vomit

(mugs by Gary Rith)
My Iowa artist buddies Becky Jo and Kasey swap art works with me. Artists may not be millionaires, but we do have ART and it is fun to swap. For Christmas the challenge was small and giraffe, which was pretty easy, but we each tossed in an idea for Easter. It was a challenging challenge.
I started the discussion: "we're talking Easter guys, its gotta be a bunny thing"
and Becky Jo is like, "WITH ARGYLE!!!!" and Kasey is like, maybe just to make it super difficult, "Noodles. I love noodles. The art work has to have bunnies, argyle and noodles". A very challenging challenge indeed.
At Kasey's you can see nice pics of my bowls, but look what arrived from Iowa yesterday, this awesome sketchbook---that bunny Kasey painted is totally the best---and I told her I own that sweater already oh yes I do....
and here is a story about that sweater.
In 1994 we lived in Chicago and had a final lunch at The Drake Hotel, where we had gotten married, before moving to the Boston area to teach high school. There was a wee little men's shop at The Drake, and I saw this sweater, made by crochety old Scots in...Scotland. Which may be the land of argyle, I s'pose I could look it up, but as we were about to teach at a PREP school, this nice sweater looked PREPPY to me. I had all that sh!t at the time, (and still do, I guess, in the closet) the khaki pants, blue shirts, ties, jackets, loafers, suede bucks....and then I added this argyle sweater.
I taught writing and literature and pottery to the (rotten little rich) kids at this boarding school, and one day in class 15 year old Julia is like
"I can't stare at that f##king argyle sweater all day, it will make me vomit!"

I think our next challenge should involve ROBOTS.


Reverend Awesome said...

I swear it wasn't just to be difficult! I didn't think about actually making something with it, I was just trying to think of a word.
You are that bunny! Yay for talking to you and Maude on the phone!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome (and so was Reverend Awesome's post).

Susan as Herself said...

I have always enjoyed argle, if the colors are right. Those colors in that sweater are, um... interesting!

Unknown said...

I ♥ argyle. Tell the preppy 15 year old to shove it. :D

kate et jim said...

That idiot, rich, idiot (did I mention idiot) must be having such a wonderful rich life right now, eh? I'll bet she's in a horrible marriage with rotten little kids, just like she was. AND, she's probably wishing she had paid more attention in your class!

BTW - love the sweater.

shrink on the couch said...

Argyle fan here, too. And wow, you do some beautiful work.

Liz said...

That is one heck of a cool argyle bunny. The sweater is straight out of a John Hughes movie.

Gordo said...

Me, I think that argyle is the Scots' joke upon the world. Not everybody can wear a kilt or some other tartan piece, so argyle is for those runners up. ;-)

Unknown said...

back in my old knitting days, I did a LOT of Argyle and dearly love that pattern, even if it is kinda tricksy to do and you have to pay attention while doing it. My husband sported some really dandy Argyoe's size 13,13 inches high, too, done by me.

Cheryl said...

You rock the argyle!

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