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Monday, April 12, 2010

yard work? Ugh. burning things? yippee!

(teapot by Gary Rith for sale here)
You know how it is, you have a kitchen? You have to mop the floor. You have to take care of things even if you would rather be making piggies or staring off into space or even blogging.
Same holds true with yard workand gardening, even though I hate them. I spend one hour once a year doing yardwork, and the wife helped me get fencing around our apple trees. I don't mind the deer and the bunnies, but the I do mind them eating up our apple trees. They will probably find some devilish way to eat them anyway.
Finishing that little project, I started gathering rocks so I can burn stuff in a new fire pit. I don't have that many rocks at the moment, but I do have an immense flat slab. It all works and we got a nice big blaze going for our evening happy hour. I will add to the fire pit whenever I find more rocks....


Liz said...

Wow your grass is so green already! Don't ya just love fire pits?

denis said...

cocktail hour by an open fire pit...oh the life.

Jay said...

I would love to have apple trees. That would be cool.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love fire!!!!
I know you must be hour per year??? You are a nut.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for fire pits! You need someone like SnakeMaster to drag up rocks from the creek for you -- that's how we built ours. :)

Only ONE HOUR of yardwork? SuperDad has put in about 20 hours this weekend alone! But we have peas in the garden coming up (every 2 weeks he plants a few more) and fresh asparagus every night. YUM!
The oldest boy, MusicMan worked with 1500 pounds of mulch this weekend. Why yes, he is strong!
And that is a lovely glaze, lovely teapot! You are making me love green there...

Kimberly said...

What are you burning? the side of the house?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

why YES, one torturous hour per year of yard work, not counting shovling snow or cutting the lawn :) it all looks a little shaggy out there...

Reverend Awesome said...

Maude has a Felix hat!
I love burning things. Fire=Fun

cindy shake said...

Glad to hear someone else loves fire as much as I do ;o) Can't believe all the GREEN -didn't you guys just have some snow??! We are still sooo far from green, I'm jealous.

Cheryl said...

Love the outdoor happy hour!!

Michèle Hastings said...

potters LOVE fire!!!

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