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Sunday, April 11, 2010

...and now....

It is Sunday! Had a visit from an old blog pal whom we had not met face to face before, WEP! Some of you know Wep. Our pics were BAD. With luck, she will send me pics they took. They have a beagle too. Our beagle wanted to rip Olivia beagle's lungs out. I don't know why our adorable little dog hates other dogs so much, but it is her way.....

The wife got a new Stones tee with rhinestones and she is looking HAWT.
This pretty purple bowl is largish and going onsale at my etsy shop...

I know, you'd take pictures too if your wife ate breakfast with a cat in her robe...


Hilary said...

Penny is just trying to protect her people. And she's probably a little bit nuts. Or is that Benny.. yeah I was thinking of Benny. ;)

Cheryl said...

Buddy does NOT like any other dogs. Perhaps Buddy and Penny are related somehow? Anyhoo, love the wife's T-shirt!

Kimberly said...

I love the t-shirt too!

Reverend Awesome said...

Maude looks like she's ready to crack some skulls in that last pic.

Unknown said...

Holy Tacos! Your wife is ripped! Look at the muscles on her arms! I love having the veins sticking out -- it means SHE-RA, PRINCESS OF POWER! Also, Rolling Stones rhinestones? Delicious! Maude is my new idol!

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