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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

like AUGUST....

Except its April. Pleasantly HOT 80 something out there which on average we get for 3 days like August 1-2-3. Are we using up our hot days? Will it snow here this weekend????? or on August 1? My buddy Al Gore is shaking his head.
I am making this teaset for Serene who has most awesome taste. She sez I should put a black cat on the lid. I have not puzzled out how exactly I want to do that, but I, um, thought this was a clever photo so I took it as is and ran up here to post it...
earlier Penny and I were walking at the post office which has a superb garden....


Zed said...

I love that pottery above but can't say that I like animals attached. Each to their own. But I am a potterycholic.

Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

It's 93 outside my house right now. CRAZY!!

denis said...

i think it went above 80 here only 2 times last summer. let's pray for a better summer. at least it's off to a great start.

Anonymous said...

Love the teapot set and a black cat would be so cool!

Can't believe how warm your weather is! Enjoy!!

Cheryl said...

If it was that temp here today the people would go around saying "well there ya go, summer is here and almost over". We had a beautiful 70 something degree day here. I could get used to it.

Real Live Lesbian said...

It's like the middle of summer here, too! But the nights are like heaven!!!!

Anonymous said...

Luscious teapot and mugs! Rachel is going to crack her eyelids with happiness when she sees these!

Your pots are truly remarkable!


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