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Thursday, April 8, 2010

the awesomeist mother in law on earth provides the toad food*

As many of you know, your blog host turned 44 recently. I am, of course, married to an awesome lady, whose mother is also quite awesome. She sent me a card saying I am the BEST SON IN LAW ON EARTH (I am not bad) and there was, like, a 50 in there. NICE! Took my mother-in-law's daughter for some of that green curry and peanut sauce at Asian Noodle house and HOLY CATS I am nuts about green curry and peanut sauce (and dark beers). *tofu!

Earlier in the day I was at Cornell pot shop and these groovy teapots of mine popped out of the kiln....they are for Rob. Rob is a scientist of some type (viruses!!!!) and his office has had a weekly meeting on Fridays for 30 years, using the same teapot which a student had made a bamboo handle for, which Rob BROKE accidentally. I made the red and black exactly like the broken one, plus the groovy black one. The bamboo handle survives, and will go onto this teapot....


Unknown said...

Mmmm... toad food. :)

So, I was eating hot pot with chop sticks and I'm guessing that's why Asian people seem to always be thin.. it's hard to eat with those things!

Reverend Awesome said...

50 smackaroos! That's a nice haul.
Those teapots look sooo shiny. Very polished.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm feeling bad because (holy smokes, Batman!) I missed your birthday. :(
Glad you had a nice one!

Michèle Hastings said...

delicious looking dinner! (and fabulous teapots as well)

Chelle said...

WOW! 50 bigguns. Niiice.

You are obviously enjoying that meal. Look at your facial expressions...priceless!

Cheryl said...


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