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Monday, February 22, 2010


On their way back from lower NY to the great white north, Gord and Bridget (see the thing on the irish visitors down a couple posts)stopped here so they could snorfle some more triple chocolate cookies. People will travel across states, across borders, across OCEANS for my triple chocolate cookies. You can see Penny was about to rip Gord's lungs out, channeling her inner pit bull (OK, truth is, a visit here might include cookies and a small and adorable beagle in your lap.)
Our older dog Buster who turns 11 this week, sadly has terrible trouble with his back legs today. Yesterday morning he walked 2 miles and then was running around in the yard with Penny--really running--and maybe he pulled a muscle or something, but now he keeps slipping on the ice outside, which makes it worse. Sweet dog, hope he'll be OK.

At Cornell I like to use this white and blue color scheme.

(mugs by Gary Rith)
Heaven is half pipe, you didn't know that did you????


Nicki said...

You had quite the weekend, Mr. Social Butterfly!

Love the mugs.

Anna said...

Old dogs are tough. Hope Buster feels better soon. Half an asprin maybe? I thank God for our doggie accupuncturist everyday! (Layla has bad knees!)

kate et jim said...

Aw Gary - give Buster a kiss for me.

Soooooo - I'm guessing you kept some of those triple chocolate cookies at home??? You didn't bring them ALL with you did you?

Pauline said...

Wow what a weekend!

Aww poor Buster, hope he is OK.

fiwa said...

I love the blue and white glaze on the mugs - it looks very spring-like to me.

Poor puppy - it's so hard for older dogs to realize they gotta take it easy. My dog does that sometimes too - sprints off chasing a squirrel and then comes back limping. I think your pup needs a nice electric blanket to lay on.

Gordo said...

Kate, he made more. Maude was quite smug about having been able to "snorfle" hers while they were still warm. ;-)

They really are worth the trip.

Cheryl said...

I like that word "snorle. I do hope Buster is feeling much, much better!

kcinnova said...

It's a good thing my boys don't read your blog, or they'd be loudly complaining that you didn't make them any triple chocolate cookies!
Granted, it was about 130 degrees when we were there, so you are forgiven. ;)

(And yes, I still owe you the recipe for "brick." I haven't forgotten!)

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