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Friday, February 5, 2010

Georges Le Soq, party animal

You know how it goes: Friday afternoon, get some work done at the Cornell University pot shop then meet up with Georges and Nicki and the Missus and anybody else who happens along for happy hour at the Chapterhouse Bar....


Becky Jo said...

I wanna go to the Chapterhouse. KC and I should send Pocket KC and a Pocket Becky Jo to you so you can take us to the Chapterhouse.

Wep said...

If Georges ever wants to a a how do you say trip he can come visit Olivia!

Anna said...

Happy hour at home for us tonight...MORE SNOW! They're calling for as much as 30 inches....I dont think we're in Virginia any more......

Nicki said...

Had a great time with you, Georges and the Missus! It had been too long since we had all gotten together.

Kimberly said...

"تو هم به من فکر می‌کنی
که من به تو؟"

Ancient Persian warning about combining sock monkeys and beer....

jeannette stgermain said...

love the pic of your wife with that perky expression on her face!

ML said...

Me, too! Very pretty, but then, she really is!

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