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Thursday, November 15, 2012

speaking of RECIPES...

My best pals kate and Jim suggest "GARY!  Lookit this peasant bread she blogged about!  You would love it!" and it does look GROOVY and easy.  But I notice another recipe she has for an easy OATMEAL bread...and I looooove oatmeal bread, and decide to make that one. (And I highly recommend that blog in the link)
SO, I followed her recipe closely, it being the first attempt...but made a couple of changes as I went.  She is making 2 immense loaves and I have big bowls, but NOT THAT BIG!  So I divided the dough into 2 early on.  ALSO, and it cracks up me and the wife imagining some typical sort of squeamish type of home baker who DOES NOT WANT TO TOUCH the dough because their hands are covered with rings, or it seems the recipe calls for no knead....but I kneaded it, of course!  Potters looooooove dough...its like clay, but later you get to eat it!

In other news, speaking of recipes, I was mixing glazes at the same time as baking spectacular bread.  One glaze I have not made for years I want to try again, a light spring green.  YES, I have a light spring green now called "Spike", named after Spike the cat's eyes, but it replaced a lighter version called "Sammy cat eyes" (named after my old cat Sammy) and it was a gorgeous but very tempermental glaze.  Sammy was very tempermental too....but fingers crossed for a remix and test on that this week....and it will be fun to hold the 2 glazes up and compare them....

(probably looks funny, me in the dungeon mixing glazes then still with the dust mask on holding 2 spectacular loaves of bread...)


kate and jim said...

Wow! Looks like it turned out great, Gary!
Glad we could pass it on, we had an idea that you just might like this. ;)

smartcat said...

All around YUM!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

K and J: this was the absolute EASIEST Biggest and TASTIEST home bread recipe EVER!

Anonymous said...
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Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Yum! I don't understand the whole no knead craze. Even though I've used a couple of no knead recipes, I still can't keep my hands out of the dough. Kneading is the best part!

Becky Brown said...

Love the bread / mask photo - it kind of looks like you're just being really careful about not breathing on the bread.

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