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Monday, November 5, 2012

setting Alita straight on the whole calzone question AND more tiresome discussion of glaze schemes....

  bowl by me, and see below?  I keep saying I have been trying to make work like this for years?  That bowl there with Spike and me...20 plus years old!  I love the green, love the swirls, and now you see the proof of trying to do that for DECADES and finally getting it DOWN....

Alita is like, on facebook, asking everybody where to get her turkey and I am like "forget that, make vegan calzones instead!" and she is like "but doesn't the dough have egg?" and its like "NO  of course not!" and we HAPPENED to be making calzones Sunday, the ones I made last week with the potato and the spinach.... pictures here....and, well, YOU WOULD GIVE UP MEAT too if you tried these tasty things at Chez Gary.....the wife and dog helped me yesterday as you see, and all instructions, Alita or anybody, that you need are in that link....

YES, it is that flippin' cold:  20s last night, and yesterday snow was flying here too........and poor Penny needs her winter coat now....


smartcat said...

I did calzones pre-Sandy thanks to you. Spinach, potatoes, onions, and mushrooms.....we added some cheddar cheese as we are not vegan. YUM! YUM! One of our luxuries is to get a small, local turkey, which Proge roasts/smokes on the grill.
I don't think non-creatives (are they like Muggles?) have any comprehension of how long it takes to get an idea to grow from a mind image to a pot in the hand!

Michèle Hastings said...

Love the swirls! and wouldn't I love me a leftover calzone for breakfast this morning.

Barbara Rogers said...

Lucky Penny to have such a pretty coat. Yes about muggles, those who don't struggle for years with a certainty that somehow a dream is possible. YEAH for Gary's green with swirls glaze! I love it!

Lori Buff said...

Sometimes it takes decades to get something just the way you want it. That's part of what pottery is all about.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I am loving the new swirlies!
Also, Penny's pleading gaze in your header should remind anyone to get out and VOTE!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Purrty bowls Gary. I am shocked at how much goodness you can cook up with no eggs or meat. No wonder you and the missus are so healthy!

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