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Friday, November 30, 2012

EEEEK! Or, the dominos click down, one after another...

I am pretty compulsive (impulsive too) about time and what I have to do.  I work for myself, but set a strict schedule with goals and take it as an absolute FACT that I have to meet those goals in time.  I can drive other people nuts!  But I s'pose it is useful and appropriate for a self-employed person to be driven and disciplined?  I know how to make a list and move through it.  Or as I tell the wife, the dominos are lined up and I am clicking them down, one by one....
SO, my last fair of the year is at Nottingham High in Syracuse, a new event for me.  My best pals Christi and Dean (the guy I apprenticed to....28 years ago!) are both there.  The weather seems OK.  And, as you see here, I seem to have had a good glaze firing Thursday, and I just need to pack and load the the last dominos of November and this week are in place, about to fall :)
In other news, I am already moving past this fair, of course, and wanted to make a robot bank! He is eating the coins! And a dragon bank!  He is eating the coins! Both will have corks underneath, and both took nearly forever to make, of wheelthrown parts....


Lori Buff said...

Those are fantastic Gary. You'll most likely get faster at them after you make a few but I can see where they will still be time consuming, but totally worth it.

bartster said...

Time consuming probably...but don't the little faces just make you laugh as they're being formed?
I wonder what other money eaters are possible (thinking political topical humor here). Great stuff and thanks for the reflections you offer as well.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Spike looks so self-satisfied in that last picture -- and no wonder, those banks are lookin' GOOD and WOW it's exciting to see new stuff coming out of the kiln!

I wish I had your drive right now. Of course, it would drive me NUTS since I can't really DO anything... but still...

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