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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Belle Melange

(cute mug eh?)
I am down at Lisa's rather faboo gallery in downtown Ithaca, Belle Melange, unloading a bunch of HAWT PAWTS for sale and Lisa is like
"hey, would you like to be the featured artist in July??? There will be a party!" and I am like
and she goes on
"OK, good, so Friday, July 2 from 5-8 we will have the opening and you will be the star all month and I am like
Lisa is so wonderful.
There she is below in front of her cute gallery....


kcinnova said...

Fabulous! Congratulations!

Ummm...wait a minute... does this mean no Chapterhouse event that day?
(Trust me to throw beer on your enthusiasm!)

kcinnova said...

PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the mug in the photo!

Mr. Young's Art said...

Congrats on the showing! Always nice to have a venue isn't it?

Mr. Young's Art said...

And of course the sales won't hurt either... ;)

cindy shake said...

Yaaay! The mug looks FAB -maybe they'll let you have a little fire pit fire on the sidewalk and you'd be in HEAVEN, fire AND A show!!

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