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Monday, January 11, 2010

a wee bit of controversy

The wife watches yesterday's CHOICE music selection by the Divinyls and asks
"what other music did they do?" and I am like
"OH! Um, they are famous for I TOUCH MYSELF" and there is a look of disbelief on her pretty face and she is like
"Monday could you play something with nice women? Like the Corrs?" and I say
"Oh, I guess you didn't like the leather the latex and the spiked dog collar." What I don't say is
"I liked the leather and the lace and the dog collar!". You have to tread carefully sometimes, as a married dude, and keep your mouth shut.
Then, of course, later she is lifting weights and me and my camera are passing by and there are squeals and screams of
You see, married life is all about the give and take and such and hopefully she will never read this :)

(cups by Gary Rith)
These sweet red cups just came out of the kiln. They are quite small, good for espresso, or good for kids. I am making bigger ones for tea and coffee, and you can see my beagle cup turned out rather well, eh wot?


Kimberly said...

I did my lifts this morning too. I listened to NPR though.... not the Corrs or Divinyls.

Lift those weights! Shed that flab!!

Becky Jo said...

Beagle cup! :)

Oh, and I can't do my workout if Brian is standing there... and he doesn't dare come near me with a camera when I'm sweating. ;)

Ron said...

You're gonna be in trouble.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

trouble, moi?????
The wife has like ZERO flab but she wants to be able to lift a speeding car in a single bound, therefore the weights...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes...tread quietly. :)
Cute cups!!

cindy shake said...

your wife is a cute LEAN JEAN! Maybe she was doing my exercises...? LOVE the Beagle Mug!!


As the owner of a (very naughty) beagle, can't wait to see how the beagle cup looks out of the fire. :)

If I posted something of my husband like you did of your wife, he'd give me the silent treatment for at least a week. But, I would get a lot of pottery done in all of that quiet time...Wait, I think I see the method in your madness~

Gary's third pottery blog said...

method? Madness? When she sees this no doubt there will be silence for many moons, but I can never resist blogging stuff...

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

How great that your wife lifts weights. She's a smart Lady with great taste in music. I love the Corrs :)

Cheryl said...

Hey, how about a mug with a Jack Russell/Min Pin mix on it? BuddyTheElf is certainly "different"....Your wife looks to be very fit and shouldn't be ashamed of her exercise photo! Thank goodness hubby doesn't think to take photos of me....

Gordo said...

Gary, you'll be lucky if Maude doesn't give you those weights in the ear. You'll have to take it, though.

soubriquet said...

Dammit you're one afraid of nuthin' Cabana-boy dude...
Talk about skatin' on thin ice, cruisin' close to the edge...
Maybe those breakfast burriti work a powerful ptotective mojo.

soubriquet said...

ptotective? thats a new word, freshly spawned, right there.
Ptotective: A Sherlock of the tuber-crop.

Susan as herself said...

Adorable wife! Adorable mugs!

jeannette stgermain said...

Fortunately for me, hubby is not interested in blogs, but I have to agree with Ron (?) I wouldn't take it - you're gonna be in trouble -and then you'll come knocking on my door, and I'll charge you thousands of dollars to fix it!(since I'm a therapist) -just kidding

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