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Thursday, January 21, 2010

pints with Benji and Georges....

The missus is like "I have a dentist appointment" and you can see the lightbulb pop over my head
"I can pick you up" and she is like
"great! done at 5"
and I am like "hey, lets meet at the Chapterhouse! Georges Le Soq and Benji wanted to meet me there for some beers at happy hour!"

Multitasking: picking up the wife from the dentist and having some beers (well, she ended up driving)

Benji and Georges, I have to admit, had some small disagreements, which were settled, I am happy to say, without any bloodshed.


g said...

I am pretty sure our initials are on those walls somewhere.

Is that your designated sock monkey?

Gallow said...

Were they arguing over who would pay for the popcorn?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

naw, it was something nasty about the French and you know how the French are....

Jay said...

Georges is a trouble maker. He was trying to start a big bar brawl. haha

denis said...

was georges drunk again? no, wait, i was thinking of celeste. is she still alive?

Christi said...

I'm sure Georges and Ben were fighting over me as usual. miss you all!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The French. Ha, now I understand.
I think Georges is getting too big for his, um his uh britches. :0

cookingwithgas said...

what a trouble maker that george is!

jimgottuso said...

damn... sorry i didn't make it

Emily SIL said...

Next time I'm at the Chapter House, I want to carve my initials into the woodwork.

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

dang frenchman

Kimberly said...

no good cheeky monkey in the big bloody bar!

Kimberly said...

Mean little monkey.

Cheryl said...

What does Georges like to drink?

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