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Monday, October 14, 2013

everybody was in a BUYING mood....

You have the open studios where the great multitudes come over and you chat and they eat all the snacks....and leave happily after a quick visit.  Sometimes somebody may buy something.

Then you have the open studios where you have fewer visitors and THEY ALL buy something and you may not be a millionaire but you're like "holy cats that was fun!" and you can keep feeding the dog and paying the tax bills, etc...
The visitors I had this weekend were so FUN they talked with me forever and I was hoarse again.... here are some pics ....

BTW, speaking of hippos, Heidi asked Friday, having seen pics of my hippo bowls
"can you make hippo cups????" and I am like
"mmmmmmmaybe..." and I am walking the dog with the wife Sunday and she does a ballet pose
"how about if the hippo is dancing and becomes the handle???".  Which is what you see here.....
takes forever to make but SO cute!
OK, OPEN STUDIO again Thanksgiving weekend!


Unknown said...

We’re famous (well, we got on a blog). That was so much fun and we bought some really cute things. This is the only place we went on the art trail this weekend and it’s a good thing . . . we spent a long time there mulling over just what we HAD to have. Penny the beagle works well into the pottery and Gary and Maude are the BEST hosts. Thanks so much for showing Susan and I such a great time. LOVE or purchases. Peggy

Barbara Rogers said...

I give up, never saw the hippo ballerina handle...lots of great shots of you making something tho...and that's worth almost as much.

Anonymous said...

Glad it was a success! Your studio looks so homey. (Homy? Homie? Meh.)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Whoohoo! So glad you had a successful open house! Who wouldn't want to come and chat with you, eat pumpkin scones, and buy cool pottery. My problem would be restraining myself from buying every mixing bowl in your studio.

bartster said...

Great pictures--not quite like being there but close. We are talking about making a pilgrimage your way "someday". Glad people are responding so well to the work and taking some home!

Unknown said...

We had a great time exploring all of your creations, and eating your pumpkin scones. (Thanks for sharing the recipe). Lovely ladies in the photos :)

(the one wearing the grey shirt)

smalltownme said...

I think the hippo cup will be SPECTACULAR!

smartcat said...

Yes to hippos! Sounds like a most successful week end! Good news!

Michèle Hastings said...

Congrats on a fabulously successful open studio!

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