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Saturday, October 12, 2013

they come for MY CAT AND DOG.....

People are funny:  you say "I'm having open studio this weekend!" and they say

"Great!  I'll come over next Wednesday!" (um, but I will not be here...) or

"Great! I'd love to see Spike and Penny!" (um, it is, of course, open pottery studio...those guys are usually asleep elsewhere!) or

"Great!  What are you serving?"

AH!  That one.  I was puzzling that one out the other day with the wife "people want FOOD???" and she reminded me "YES.  Some people are out having a nice day trip and they are your GUESTS!"
"OH!  My guests, hadn't thought of that".

Because I take guests very seriously. So, I was thinking "martinis and olives!"

That's a joke.

No, actually, I was thinking "pumpkin scones....I am sure there exists in this world such a thing as PUMPKIN SCONES and I bet I can find a recipe and make it gluten-free and vegan and TASTY"

and YES, I have made these twice this week (click for recipe here) only just using gluten-free flour substituted, and adding raisins and walnuts SO YUMMY!

I like open houses so much I decided to do it again just after Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

The scones look yummy, but you know martinis with olives might have been a more lucrative choice. I always feel more like buying something when I'm at an event like this and treats are served. I do feel like a guest and I think, "look at all the trouble he went through, boy the scone/martini was good and I do love that large expensive piece, why not?". It kind of greases the wheel you know? Have a great weekend, hope your weather is beautiful because that helps too.


Anonymous said...

Nom. I bet you get lots of complements on your work AND the scones.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Best sales I ever had at a home candle party (I know. NOT the same as your potter at all. But it was sort of an open house... hubby was deployed... friend demo'd my favorite candles) ANYHOOO... I made up 2 pitchers of margaritas, served wine and juice for the non-imbibers, and ALBUG is right, it greased the wheels. (Truthfully, I was in it for the margarita party.)

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