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Sunday, March 25, 2012

TT lust....

You will have noticed that me and the wife had the super big date Saturday morning, we went to the laundermat! I havn't been in so long it seems like a fun outing, especially when you go to a favorite cafe during the spin cycle for brunch....I mean, when we were young and poor, we HAD to go to the laundermat, and it was never really fun, but it is now! The fact is, those big quilts and blankets don't fit in our machine. I spent 14 bucks having a dry cleaner do one quilt last season, which is OK....but times 4, for all the quilts and blankets? I mean, 14 is more than we spent to wash and dry all of them, allowing plenty for brunch....anyway....on the way in, we go past all these women on bikes in a store window....bikes with one wheel....and a lot of music...and they are zipping away, to nowhere....and they are all quite trim and pretty and sweaty, and I say to the wife, puzzled, "all these people sit on exercise bikes together for an aerobics class?" And the wife tells me "it is called SPINNING" and I am like "but its beautiful outside, WTF are they doing inside pedaling away? Plus they drove here????". America = CRAZY.

Anyway, you will see below me and the junky old printer that has been riding around in our trunk for awhile (finally donated) in front of 2 Audi TTs....can you believe 2 of the ladies sweating in the window drive Audi TTs? (you KNOW the 2004-5 convertible TT is my favorite car on earth). These are more recent, and NOT convertible, so as I tell the wife "these are awesome, but why would you bother NOT getting the convertible?" and the wife says wisely "better than NO TT".
Give me a few million and you KNOW I will be getting that 2004 TT convertible...

You will notice in the video below that the 2004 is the cutest and most curvaceous thing you have ever seen in your life....


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My dream car is still an old fashioned VW Bug (royal blue, with navy blue/forest green tartan seat covers) but I probably won't ever have one of those, either. Totally impractical for my life.
Still, we can dream!

SuperDad has taken off with his bike to go ride some trails by the river today. Originally, he planned to go skiing but it was too warm and beautiful for that. :)

Michèle Hastings said...

when i bought a new washer 3 years ago the one criteria i had was that my king size down comforter would fit in it! it killed me to go to the laundromat or pay $14 for them to wash it for me.

i had my dream car once... 1967 Convertible Camaro, sold it to my ex when we divorced. at least i still have pictures :-)

Lori Buff said...

Penny has the right idea, lay on the sofa while you do the laundry.

Joe Troncale said...

First of all, I remember seeing my first TT in the Copenhagen Airport when we were adopting our Russian daughters. I thought that car had come from outer space and I wanted one really badly. But, if it helps you with your TT lustfulness, there is a Wall Street Journal article about the TT last week that says the TT is a great car until you get it out on the road. So it is great if you can just look at them and drool.
Maybe you should make a TT Teapot!!
The "triple T!"
I can see it now. A TT cruiser with a shark or Godzilla at the wheel!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I go to the laundry mat once a month too to wash our big ol' comforter. Nice bunch of peeps there....of course, here, none of them speak english!
You guys have the best dates!!!
I love the TT...but I'm not a fan of convertibles...perhaps I am the only person?
I have a secret though...I purchased my very first NON-American car this year. An Audi. I love it so much.

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