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Saturday, March 17, 2012

"The Forg by Garg"

More on GARG in a sec, but first: I was putting off updating my website yesterday, which is easy, but which I act like it is difficult. IT IS NOT. It looks cool, have a look! I also ordered new bidness cards for the summer. I used the picture in the header up top, shows a lot of work, different things I like to do.
So, yeah, that is why I was baking yeast bread and making cranberry banana bread indeed...and cleaning the house...gosh, some people do things like update websites all day, sheesh!
And YES, i think that the drawing of sharks and crocs chasing each other around a bowl would be funny on real pots....

It is a very early spring indeed, and there are zillions of frogs out there croaking this week.
When I was a kid I loved frogs so much, i drew them all the time and wrote stories about them, like "The forg by Garg". garg became my family nickname, holy cats, I havn't thought of that in years! GARG! Anyway, you may need some new frog mugs this spring, for sale now at my etsy shoppe....

large blue mug with a frog


Unknown said...

I love to listen to frogs croaking, it's very relaxing :o)
Awesome froggy mug!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

The teapot with the teapot on the lid is pretty awesome!

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