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Friday, March 9, 2012

forget the 99 percent, lets talk 99 CENTS

A wee haiku to celebrate

99 cent tee:
Jake on a bike, with the tags!

This pic totally shows everything I was talking about Wednesday: the blue button down, the tee shirt collection, the bikes, remember all that? And argyles are secret code for "I may look nerdy but chicks dig that bookish look...."

Anyway, I never bought clothing on ebay until this past week. The story goes a little like this: the wife is out for the evening and I receive an email from our dusty and ignored shared ebay account "congratulations, you are the winning bidder on a silk skirt!" and I was like HOLY CATS I didn't bid on a skirt!!!! WE HAVE BEEN HACKED and people are using our account to buys skirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent an hour on the phone with ebay, who were NOT helpful. The seller was, and canceled the transaction. Ebay just said change every password you can think of, but you are stuck with this skirt. The seller canceled and understood. It all seemed weird...until the wife got home....
and we realized twas SHE who had bid. Oi vey....what a headache.....anyway, the wife and I were both embarrassed, and she got a friend to successfully bid on the skirt. Phew!

OK, but it got me thinking...and shopping! OI VEY indeed! I figured with this tee auction "99 cents? worth trying!!!" and there have been a couple of other items, YESSSSssss..... I am an odd size, I guess, and there is not much competition. This tee is a boys' shirt and I knew it would fit because I wear Life is Good boys clothing. I am, um, expecting a fleece jacket today in the mail from San Francisco, and um, will admit that there were boots last week (brand new with tags!) and, well, um, there is a pair of jeans I am watching now......

I keep crowing "99 CENTS!!!!!" and the wife pops my wee bubble with (correctly) "plus 5 shipping" and its like, "well, yeah......"

Dig this outstanding blue teapot with cats below, mmm mmmm good!

(cat teapot by Gary Rith)


Joe Troncale said...

Life is Good on E-bay indeed!!!
At least YOU weren't buying the silk skirt for yourself! Not that it wouldn't go well with the argyle sweater!
Very cool teapot, by the way...

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Lol. I'm glad your wife got her skirt after all! I always enjoy your haikus. :)

Lori Buff said...

Love Life is Good t-s. Even better at that price. Smart shopping.

Michèle Hastings said...

I read Jeffy this post and we were both laughing... we knew right away where this story was going! thankfully (for you) Maude still got her skirt.

Linda Starr said...

There's nothing wrong with 99 cents even with the shipping, right on.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Ah, the dangers of sharing an account! :)
I would totally buy that shirt! For my husband, of course. The bike and I are not friends today.

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