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Friday, March 9, 2012


Some of you will recall 1992 was a big year for us, what with getting married Christmas '92 and such...20 years! (almost) We had a lot of fun that year indeed. I just came across these 2 pics and thought I would post them...I was 26 and running my second Chicago marathon. I played football (little ole me!) and tennis in school but became a marathoner in my 20s. I was badly injured during the 1990 Chicago marathon, and although I finished, it tooks months of recovery to run it again in 92. The secret to my success was to not just run but also use a rowing machine and bike everywhere rather than the subway....sheesh! (I had a foghorn and pepper spray on my handlebars, and used them a couple of times)....PLUS in 92 a lady at mile 15 runs out and gives me a big hunk of apple! talk about therapeutic. I had never eaten while running before, but it made sense and it worked :)
The wife and I ran many years together and with Buster (remember our dog who only just passed?) but around 2003 he had a leg injury and we started walking him for several weeks. I had always assumed my back trouble was due to pottery, but it went away the day we left running for walking, never to return....


Joe Troncale said...

Who are those young kids in the picture?

smartcat said...

You both look like you were in junior high school. Ah youth!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

These are great photos! Thanks for sharing. I love that you and your wife ran together! Eddie and I (and Joy) went for a run this morning! It's so nice to have a running buddy. I'm doing my first marathon in November!!!! Very nervous. Feel free to bestow your wisdom. :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Do I have to run to get people to give me apple cake?
I'm very impressed you ran the Chicago Marathon -- not just once, but TWICE!!

I was trying to get in shape to do the big annual 12K here but the jogging and extra walking has made my feet ANGRY. They complain so loudly I can't hear the arthritic knee complain. Getting old isn't easy.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You were a runner? A baller? Oh my....I learn something new everyday.
Love the photos....wonderful memories for you both and now for us too!
Have a great weekend!

gz said...

walking is FAR better, only comes second to cycling!! can enjoy the view!!

'92...Hmm..The Carpenter started nursery school and I had more time for clay again!!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Only in Chicago (or maybe Milwaukee) would they have a pierogie sponsor for the marathon!

Unknown said...

Love these shots!

Reverend Awesome said...

AH HA! These are the pictures my Mom was talking about. She said, "Did you see those pictures of Gary and Maude? They are so cute. They were just babies!" Here it is! You and Maude as babies.

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