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Thursday, March 8, 2012

one fact and one dream: little old man edition, we need YOU to check in!

Please go to comments and add your FACT and your DREAM! We wanna hear!

But first, ME. Fact: I REALLY enjoy sculpting some things, and I dream of doing MORE.

I was thinking about this last night "what if I made a bear...what would a bear be eating? Goldilocks???" but that didn't seem like the direction I wanted to consider right then so then I started thinking "3 bears sitting around with their bowls? That would be cute" and it would, but then I was thinking about a book I read recently, where a detective remarks upon the little old lady's COLLECTION OF LITTLE FIGURINES and then I was biking past a neighbor's yesterday, and he is elderly, and his windows are filled with LITTLE FIGURINES and I am like
"good golly, what is more USELESS THAN A LITTLE FIGURINE????". Like the Godzilla item I posted yesterday below, where he is holding a teapot and cup. Useless! Cute, but just a dust catcher.....

SO, my thinking went, if you are making the figures, for the sake of your pride and dignity, KEEP THEM FUNCTIONAL by attaching them to teapot lids or BIG BOWLS. Like the header.
I am satisfied with that, thanks for listening :)

Speaking of which, SHARK STUFF! Gosh these look good....


Michèle Hastings said...

FACT: the moon was SOOO bright last night that is woke me up and i had trouble getting back to sleep

DREAM: when i finally did fall back to sleep, i dreamt that i lost my car in a huge parking lot in a strange city.

smartcat said...

My animals are whistles....functional sculpture!

Fact: It's 58 in the shade at almost 10 A.M.!

Dream:That it gets warm enough to swim!

Corinne Tyo said...

Fact: Spring Break starts tomorrow and I can't wait. Also, before I officially fly out, I get to spend the afternoon with the grandparents. Yeah, be jealous.
Dream: To spend my Spring Break either at the beach, in a yoga studio, or at Jaime's competition. Forget the fact that I have three scenes-worth of lines to memorize :|

Barbara Rogers said...

Fact: Sun spots and full moon sure influence my dreams.
Dream: whowser, what fun I had last night dreaming, oh, you mean dreams like "hopes for the future?" So last night was romantic dreaming about an old boyfriend, and for the future I'm dreaming I will sculpt a mermaid or a unicorn today. I think sculptural figures still are fun and don't have to prove themselves by being functional. But I do love the way you combine them. Maybe I'll try that sometime.

k.a. barnes said...

Fact: I have 1.5 hours left to go in this work day.

Dream: That I get to hang out with Peter Dinklage, the guest graduation speaker at my godson's graduation from Bennington in June! The Dinklage's family is friends with my godson's family (his godfather was on kiddie wrestling with Dinklage) and you know Brett & I are trucking up there!

Joe Troncale said...

Fact: As does Gary, I struggle with utility. (Hence, no figurine making!)(Not that I could make a proper figurine!)
I think that is why pottery appeals to me. You can use it AND enjoy looking at it.

Dream: All the commercial dishware and paper factories have to shut down and everyone has to eat off of homemade stoneware plates and bowls. (The crime and depression rate would go down...)

Reverend Awesome said...

Fact! I love the sharks! Just love them. Your sharks. Not actual real life sharks that wanna eat me.

Dream! That people with their heads up their ass pull their heads out of their ass. That's no place for a head.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Gary - I showed the shark mugs to SnakeMaster, age 12. He said, "Those are cool!" :)

Fact: Steamed Edamame is delicious and fun to pop out of the pods right into your own mouth.

Dream: To always have a clean house and never have to clean it!
(You might guess, it is garbage night and SOMEONE needs to clean the litter box...)

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