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Thursday, March 15, 2012

SAMOVAR LUST: sitting, thinking, staring, figuring sh*t out....

(Samovar, good lord, don't you want one too????)

Do you know what a samovar is? Its like a big, fancy, hot tea thing, MANY MANY cups of hot tea in there, bubbling away all day. You read about those things keeping Russians warm out there in the snowy wastes....I wish I had a samovar. AS IT IS, I have my own teapots, and it is my habit to make a pot of tea in the biggest and then sip some every hour all morning, mmmm. Except it is cold after a bit.
ANYWAY, my point? I am having one of those afternoons yesterday, the list says "make 3 large of these, 2 small of those etc" and I am making this large bowl of a certain shape and as I am making it, SOMETHING else is coming through the clay. I mean, i direct the show, but the making was showing a sweet possibility and I went with it.
OK, then today, more tea, more sitting there, now its time to finish that bowl, and I am thinking "Godzilla? Checkerboard pattern? (like teapot in post below) Crocodile? How and where does the croc go? And why not a shark too.....? And THEN it could be blue on one side of the bowl and green on the other and and and..." You probably think artists spend a lot of time staring at things....well, WE DO.
I have to share it with you...have an awesome day....


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh yeah! And is that Godzilla or a reptilian relative like maybe a dragon standing nearby? Well, having just finished my first dragon, I'm prone to seeing dragons everywhere! Keep on staring and's very entertaining.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

The Godzilla there goes atop a jar which is half done now :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh, by the way...what is Godzilla? Big lizard? Inquiring minds...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for education. SO Raymond Burr prayed. That was interesting. And the monster lizard wasn't half as well done as yours are.

Joe Troncale said...

Very cool bowl/jar.
Amazing what happens at the wheel!

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