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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SLACKER EDITION: one fact and one dream.... WIN A PRIZE!!!!!

WE NEED YOU to go to comments and add your one fact and one dream! THERE IS A PRIZE* for the best fact and dream of the day! Don't think about it too hard, just whatever pops into your head, BONUS for haiku, triple bonus for limericks.

Here is mine:

My life is a small
Fantasy camp every day,
Still, I want a vacation.

Sure, I ruin the haiku form in the last line, it should be break instead of vacation, ha! SUE ME!
It is true though: every day I make and do what I damn well please, lucky me! I mean, yesterday, Penny and I took the excuse of an errand to go to a wildflower garden...and saw our first red trillium of the year. But still....spring fever has got ahold of me. We are taking a wee vacation indeed soon....very small....don't get your hopes up...... NOW GO POST YOUR FACT AND DREAM!

(speaking of slackers and fantasy camp, some of you may have recognized my haiku's reference......)

*prize winner will be selected Friday morning and there BETTER BE a lot of good entries! I get to choose, although your votes for best in comments also count, if there is one you like, say so! PRIZE is pathetic...OK, maybe not pathetic: the winner can send me their mailing address and I will
ARTISTICALLY make an EASTER CARD for them! And mail it even....can you imagine, a handmade EASTER CARD? Don't worry, it will be secular, all about bunnies and such....and I have to admit, US only, OK? 45 cents is the total budget, sorry!

(new pottery by Gary Rith) Awesome eh???????


cookingwithgas said...

the first
to stop
along the way

the dream- loads of money to travel
the fact- life keeps handing me lemons....

cm said...

Tequila shots! ;-)
The dream: all my dishes are Rith
The fact: two bowls, two mugs, and the teapot are unpacked and in service

Joe Troncale said...

An Easter Card from Gary
The bunny says
"Get me the heck out of this picture!"

There once was a potter named Gary
Who made pots that were totally scary
Godzilla and sharks
Pictures of walks through Cornell's parks
While Penny makes his couch all hairy!

Fact: My granola and yogurt breakfast is probably good for me
Dream: Why don't they have steak and eggs flavored yogurt and granola?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

CM is Canadian and a best pal, and tequila shots might weigh heavily in her favor, so maybe I should extend this thing to Canada :) What is the postage, like 88 cents? If I look around on the floor of the car I could prob. find 88 cents :)
Joe, so far, is getting an A for effort, and I have to tell ya, my oatmeal scones kick AZZ and if you had been here this morning you would not have missed steak and eggs! KEEP IT COMING! Excellent start and thanks!

Joe Troncale said...

Did I miss the oatmeal scones recipe?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Joe, you have an excellent POINT and I can see what I will be putting together later today, with pics, for Friday am!!!!!!!!

smartcat said...

Fact: Back to cold and wet with possible snow this weekend.

Dream: To have enough funds to be able to travel more!

I'm liking Joe's entry BestSoFar......especially the poetry.

And oatmeal scones?....recipe?

Corinne Tyo said...

Fact: speaking of Slackers, is a new fun way to listen to music. It's like Pandora but better!!! so give it a whirl!
Dream: to master within the next two weeks a pull-over (; skip to 1:55. or watch the whole thing, she's beautiful)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have to admit, adding a link can amount to bonus points too, and smartcat voting for somebody else is worth extra points, BUT Cheri with the haiku and impending grandchild is also worth an extra FIVE points...I mean, c'mon, BABIES! Speaking of extra-credit, saying nice things about ME and wishing me a happy birthday (OK, its next week, but like the Scouts, I am PREPARED) is worth, like 25 extra points....

Barbara Rogers said...

Fact: breakfast is apple pie and espresso
beat that with your scones!

Dream: to get that butter dish made today. Or to reach closer to stars, to turn the "butter dish making" into unlimited funds so I can live more easily. Have you ever seen butter turn into gold?

Michèle Hastings said...

Fact: Gary's blog makes everyone smile, it's like sunshine on a cloudy day.

Dream: Gary will be 29 years old on his birthday next week.

Joe's poetry will be hard to beat. He also gets my vote.

Unknown said...

She dreams of the Emerald Isle
To travel there would make her smile;
But she lives in the Boonies
Amongst all the loonies,
Needing some greenbacks to pile.

Joe Troncale said...

Gary makes a beautiful mug or cup
Or a plate on which we can sup
But when the contests come,
Points he adds to our sum
Depend on how well we kiss-up!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I was adding points for Joe's EXTRA effort but now I am subtracting points because he is calling me out on the whole kiss-up thang ;^)

Reverend Awesome said...

If I won the lottery.
I would buy up all of your pottery.

I'd then take a trip.
To see the Rith's.

Then we could rent a jet to visit Moodle.
That would really be using our noodle.

We'd be swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck
People would say, "She has all the luck"

We could just spends our days
Blogging away
Surrounded by pugs, kitties and beagles

Joe Troncale said...

I was doing so well at the start
but Gary thinks that last limerick too tart.
The Easter card's gone south
Because of my mouth
I am sorry I acted like a fart.

gz said...

I'm living my dream making pots,
but selling enough I am not.
The wish I have got
Is a nice little cott',
Some hope, 'less I win on the Lott (-ery) !!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

HAHA! FART gets Joe back on track, BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!!!!!!!
GZ and kasey, my goodness, the submissions today are AWESOME!

bartster said...

Once a dispatch from the tundra
lamented a dual connundra
does one potter or cartoon
perhaps sleep until noon
and dream of a day at the beach...

Apologies to the good people of County Limerick....Even whilst wearing my Irish Sweater I cannot find a rhyme for "tundra"......No poet laureate awards for me:(

Gary's third pottery blog said...

A plus, Bart, for quick thinking, vis a vis CONNUNDRA :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My facts and dreams are contained below:

A birthday next week
will bring wishes from Tucson
instead of blogging

There once was a boy turned young man,
Who never would drink from a can.
From bottle or glass
Those beers earned a pass
To please him you must have a plan.

No babies have I
But August wedding draws nigh
Any points for that?

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Stuck in a hotel
Missing this fun yesterday
Spotty Wi-Fi sucks.

Too late for the prize but joe got my vote anyway.

smalltownme said...

I am angry. I swear I posted the most amazing (OK adequate) limerick and it is not here.

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