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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

beagles beans and bowls!!!!

OK, if you live in San Diego? I have heard it is 80 and sunny 24/7/365. If you live in Ithaca? It is GLOOMY ASS 24/7/364. Gloomy ass = you know, either low grey clouds and rain or low grey clouds and snow, 80 a not often seen dream. Even so, I love it here because it is groovy. AND thanks to global warming and all of your SUVs, Ithaca has become a tropical paradise. I mean gosh, all this week, early March, 70 and sunny, roughly speaking????? Yesterday I was like "HA! No time to facebook etc, its too nice out!" and realized that in these modern times I can sit out on the rocks in back WITH my computer and beagle, in the sun, facebooking and blogging OH YES. My friends will have noticed, though, that I have not visited other blogs in a few days, sorry!!!! I will catch up :)

OK, these bowls below? They come out of the kiln yesterday and I am like "THESE ARE MINE ALL MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!". I have this tool and wanted to see how it might help me do the rim. NICE and thick, I like it. Secondly, the wife is always asking for half round bowls, exactly. PLUS of course, my beagle and cat are on those bowls! They have to be ours! I made killer lentil soup yesterday and used them**** PLUS the oatmeal for breakfast now....oh gosh, tis heaven to be a potter and live in sunny and warm Ithaca.... have an awesome day!

This recipe for lentil soup is amaaaaaaazing and easy. Healthy too! I made several additions to it, so it is mine now....

--saute one onion and several garlic cloves and 2 carrots and one jalapeno in olive oil several minutes in very large soup pot.
--pick over and rinse 2 cups dried lentils
--add 4 cups water and 4 cups broth to the pot, add lentils too, start boiling then simmer 20 minutes uncovered THEN:
--wash and chop 6-7 oz. fresh spinach and 16 oz fresh tomatoes, then I added 4 oz seitan (meat substitute, like ham), and one cup uncooked noodles, add all this stuff to the pot with good spices like cumin, black pepper and oregano, start to boil, recover pot and simmer on low about 10-20 minutes, when it looks done.

I don't use salt much, this is IT, all done, soooooooo tasty!


Glass Half Full Gal said...

Those bowls are perfect soup size!! Hmmm.... :-)

Love the Macbook outside! Ain't technology grand?

We are in the 80s all week with sunshine and I'm luvin' it! Happy Wednesday!

Barbara Rogers said...

Hi Gary, from my side of the your bowls! And I'm a lentil soup lover too. Love love love, all we need is...

Joe Troncale said...

I made a big pot of lentil soup over the week-end. (Great minds and all that...) Probably will be eating lentil soup for a week! One of my favorites!
Great bowls, as always...People have to be smiling when they see your work...

Joe Troncale said...

P.S. How DID you make the fat rim? My old pottery teacher told me that a fat rim was sort of like rosy cheeks, the sign of a healthy bowl or mug!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

It's beautiful in NJ too. Enjoy the weather!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do love your backyard office Gary!
You'll be glad to know that I traded in my SUV this year. So, you'll soon have winter again. :)

cookingwithgas said...

Oh the weather is so nice! I love a fat rim on a bowl and my usual bowls have them- I think they hold up for lots of using!

Michèle Hastings said...

computing from the great outdoors, you can't beat it!
sometimes you make thing that your just HAVE to keep. or at least keep for awhile until you are ready to let go!

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