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Friday, October 15, 2010

last class, oh my!

I was at Cornell Thursday teaching my last class for the fall. Golly where did the time goooooo?

It was the teapot lesson. My advanced class always does teapots on the last day, or tries to!
My buddy Tommy below right is another instructor at Cornell and you have certainly seen plenty of us in the past with the is our other buddy Katie on the left.....student work all over the place...
My class was excellent. There were only 1-4 students each week. IDEAL! All so smart and capable too.
But I get really nervous with teaching. It dominates my week, thinking about just those couple of hours when I am on the spot. On the other hand, I have been teaching for 2 decades and know my stuff :)

Spike and Penny getting excited about their dinner.
Emily below, facebooking....happy FRIDAY!


Real Live Lesbian said...

I have no idea. Wasn't it JUST Christmas a few weeks ago???? And now here we are again.

What cute babies!

BSOB said...

im sure youre a great teacher

cookingwithgas said...

Things have gone so fast this year.
I could use a slow day soon!

Anonymous said...

Emily is on facebook? Have her friend me!

Does this mean fall is officially over? :(

Unknown said...

I love teaching, I am sure you are the greatest. If I win the lottery I will come and take one of your classes. How fun would that be! I would really make you lol :) Read the BABB blog I posted. I have the nasty effect of making teachers scream and run :) It would sure be fun though! We could sculpt, and sculpt, and sculpt, all kinds of things.
I keep forgetting about your cat Emily, sorry Emily. I must really be nuts to forget that, my own dog is named Emily. Oh well, who can figure out my Autistic brain, except my lol...:)
Love the blog, and the critter cam photos...:)

CiCi said...

I would think that you would be a great teacher, and your finished products are the best.

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