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Sunday, October 10, 2010

the demise of the open studio.....

Saturday was a GORGEOUS day with today looking even better.
I am going to be honest with you. Here at this blog you really only see the tip of the ice berg, but here is a little more iceberg.

I love having people over and it happens all the time. For four-five years people have asked to visit the studio, every WEEK. So many that I started open studio days. I figured it would be nice if people could count on open days, but what I get is this:
me: "I have open studio Saturday!"
they: "great, I am coming over Friday"

Which is fine. But on a nice day like yesterday I feel like a chump. I want to come and go and walk my dog and work then wander off, whatever, AND the kind of visitors I am getting on open studio days is like, well, tourists looking for snacks and a bathroom and high schoolers sent over to do a report on a working artist AND van loads, I kid you not, of juvenile delinquents taking a field trip. I don't think they have stolen anything much. I hope.
I also don't have insurance to run this studio as a store.
F##k it.
If you want to come over, give me an email :)


Unknown said...

Dang it! Why can't stuff just work sometimes? It's probably better this way.. you don't want van loads of delinquents anyway. ;)

CiCi said...

You live way too far away for hubby and me to visit so online glimpses for us work great.

Cheryl said...

Or by appointment only....I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to operate this way...pretty soon tour buses of senior citizens will pull up...Get out and enjoy the day with Maude and the pups! Its in the 40s here today and very dreary. So enjoy the lovely day you've been given!

~ Sil in Corea said...

Yes, "by appointment only" is the way to go. You want to be able to work when you want to, take a break when you want to, and not have to worry about klepto-kids or 'bulls in the china shop' aka klutzes. Let someone else handle the hassles of running a retail store.

k.a. barnes said...

Eesh- people can certainly suck. On beautiful days like yesterday, why would you want to stay inside with JDs if you didn't have to??

Michèle Hastings said...

our studio/ gallery is open 6 days a week. yesterday was gorgeous and loads of people came in... we had a lot of tourists too. i always try to stay positive and hope that they will remember us the next time they need to buy a gift or want something handmade for their own home.

Emily SIL said...

Spike and Buster...two fine lookin' beasts!

Amaryllis said...

Spike, Buster, Emily, Penny, I'm so proud my fur nieces and nephews take such great pix!

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah, open studio by appointments will probably be best. Better to do that and you can go out and enjoy yourself and plan on visitors.

Miri said...

Yeah, thumbs up on "by appointment only". Waiting around for folks to MAYBE show up sucks.
BTW, LOVE that vase tucked away on the left behind the white one. Could we get a 'full frontal' of that beauty?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

catch this: the last straw??? A hobo wandering down the street stops and asks me for a ride to the store... HAD IT UP TO HERE with some elements of the public!

Unknown said...

I hear ya Gary, we have the same problem with open houses...loads of blabby, yakkey, touchie kids, without of ladies called the "Red Hat Society", seniors with no intent on buying, just having a field trip. One time I made tons of Pannini , they were expensive, used fontina cheese, provolone, fresh tomatoes, basil, etc...the husbands ate them all in a second.
The best one's were by appointment, had this rich guy call from the gallery, came over, his wife spent a ton of money. Had women from Libertyville call, came and spent big time, I mean big time. They didn't even ask how much anything was, just bought it. Each one spent well over 500.00. Go figure, didn't wait on them one bit. We have open houses once a year, around Christmas, that's it. Other wise it's by appointment. Or they can ring the lol :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love your iceberg-- and you photos. Wish I lived in your area-- I'd be there on Saturday so you could go out and play on the other days.
Cheers, jj

Hilary said...

Awww sorry that people take advantage. You should be able to call the shots and simply say "no."

bartster said...

One day I'd like to visit upstate NY and I would make an appointment to see the studio...maybe meet Penny and Georges?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have no idea what you said because I'm having vase lust.

Matt Sutkoski said...

I agree. No sense being tied down. You make great stuff. If people really want to see it, they will get ahold of you and make an appointment. Life is too short to spend a sunny day dealing with delinquents and tourists looking for bathrooms.

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