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Thursday, October 21, 2010

about 32....

It was super cold, about 32, Wednesday morning, and Penny and I dusted off our coats before walking. OH WELL just 6+ more months of this cold stuff....

Denis sends this joke:
2 (he says blondes, but what could we say instead? 2 republicans?)
OK, so, 2 not terribly bright people fly to Orlando for vacation. Driving down the highway, they spy a sign "Disney left".
They each started crying, did a Uturn and flew home....

Which is appropriate: I dreamt I had gone with the wife to a resort like that, and I lost her. She disappeared! Some kind of medical emergency somewhere, I just couldn't find her, and I gratefully awoke.....


Unknown said...

Love the joke, you and Penny a are having a great time. It;s getting cold here also...! George's mother had those nightmares all the time about getting lost, or losing someone...scary...!

BSOB said...

its nice and sunny over here man..

And wait a minute - did you awake gratefully or did you gratefully awake - big difference.

Knight said...

I need a sugar bowl Gary. I really do!

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