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Sunday, October 24, 2010

magnificent weekend :)

Penny has been spending a lot time on the computer lately, should I be worried?
I gave Spike a bird feeder outside the window. He sits there all day leaping at them....

We saw Zach Galiafin...(however his name is spelt) in ITS KIND OF A FUNNY STORY. Golly it was fantastico, brilliant, sweet, perfect! Dig this clip below


Unknown said...

Omg... too many things to say about that video.


White leather pants.

Beard glitter?!


BSOB said...

That clip is awesome! Whats it from gman?

Unknown said...

Wow, loved the video...really great stuff! :) Love the pet photos, aw, Spike is dreaming about the birdies...and Penny is having her usual good time! :)

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