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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

havn't seen the dream hamster in awhile....

Many of you remember that I have a hamster living in my dreams, and have for years. Typically it is something I remember belatedly to take care of, as in, oh crapola, I forgot to feed the hamster for 2 days! or something like that. Its name is Robert. He has been in my dreams for years. Saw him last night in entirely typical fashion: it was Monday and I suddenly realized I had a hamster that I had not cared for since Friday and I ran home and found he was fine but out of food and still had some water but that his bedding was smelly. So I am dreaming that I am cleaning a hamster cage. Last night the hamster cage was a CD jewel case. Not sure how he fit in there....
I know I know, a close examination suggests that I am worried that I am forgetting to do SOMETHING. The self-employed person's constant refrain. But actually, I am quite on top of it all :)

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Lori Buff said...

Yes, that does sound like a stress dream, or maybe you need to eat more seeds.

Unknown said...

LOL I love that Lori, very funny. Hamster dreams, actually sort of endearing, and cute! Oh that is so funny for sure. Wonder what the psychiatric profiler I worked with would of had to say about that one? Probably would of said "Oh that is typical of a worrier, or anxiety ridden soul", that is so cool. My dreams are never that always exciting, scary, and so overcharged.

Summer said...

Lurker here. I have that dream. It changes animals (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.) but it's the same dream. In my case it's an old pet that I suddenly remember or find and I haven't taken care of it in years! So it's always starving and ancient looking, but somehow still barely alive. I even once had a dream it was my own baby that I forgot I had a year ago and was just now finding in its crib!

(The rabbit may as well just be named "homework," right?)

Benji's friend, btw

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh I am sooo not on top of it all. Maybe that's why my dreams are always just totally insane. When I was getting my hair done last night I kept scooting up in the chair. I was sort of just panicking myself into a little ball. Never relaxed. She kept saying, "Sit back. Sit back." Then I was like, "Oh I'm just a nervous weirdo. Sorry." so she's like, "we're taking a time out" and she gave me a shoulder massage. God. I'm such a mess.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've been wondering about your hamster.

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