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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georges Le Soq and whispers of Christmas....

My best pal Cheri in Cali sends a package yesterday: a Georges Le Soq hat! He is THAT famous, indeed he is. An early Christmas present! Maybe good for me on Halloween? We were all trying it out. I look rather BAD AZZ I think :)

We walk the dogs through fields and woods and parks every day, and our neighbor has a few baby pine trees on the edge of land that is being cleared, and we swiped some.
I was going to plant them in the yard and realized that FIRST they would make an awesome Christmas tree (we did this a few years ago with great success). I pulled the wife's dead okra plants out of this pot with Penny's help and planted our magnificent little Christmas tree and brought it into the living room: about 5 inches tall, at the most. And YES, it has a little elf stuck in there that I made....


Unknown said...

Gary! My Grandpa did that! He dug up a little blue spruce, put it in a 5 gallon bucket, and every year he'd bring it in to decorate it. After it got too big to move, they planted it outside next to the shop and before we moved the house, it was probably 40 feet tall! Great idea! :)

Unknown said...

Penny looks absolutely thrilled to be wearing that hat. LOL!

Reverend Awesome said...

Love the hat!! Georges is so famous. (Probably mostly due to his owner, but let's not tell him that.)

Unknown said...

OMG love the is fabulous! and oh so :) what a fashion statement. Love the idea of the indoor tree, just watch Buster so he doesn't pee on it. Our dogs did that over by our daughters. We never even thought of it. It's the Male dogs that just can't resist the smell of a lovely lol :) Emily looked at Max with disgust, like she was saying, "What a pig"! lol :)

Unknown said...

LOVE the hat!!!

Susan as Herself said...

Cute hat! Cute tree! Cute dog! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The hat is adorable Gary!!
You know I want to HUG your little trees. :)

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