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Sunday, October 17, 2010

karma is a b!tch isn't it......

You could probably use these mugs at your house or maybe you want to give them to your cousin for Christmas. You can have them! On sale now at my etsy gallery!

OK, so basically, walk out in the morning Saturday and see that our new car had been driven into. If you have a scale of 1-10, 1 being a tiny dent from a shopping cart, ten being hit with a tank, our dent was a 2.3
Yes, I was and am furious. Who knows what anonymous person did it, BUT I am clever and took the door apart and whacked it from the inside. Now the dent looks like a 2.
Much better. So we celebrated with (nondairy!) ice cream sundaes and such, what else can you do? Then I dreamt, heroic me, that I saved a crowded concert from a psycho killer's bomb....busy days and nights, actually.....


soubriquet said...

The best thing to do with a car new to you is to put a dent or scratch on it yourself, soonest.
I got a new van at work a while ago, was struck with paranoia about not scratching it od getting the showroom-shiny paint dirty... I was using seat covers, swerving around bugs that might splatter the screen...
Until my boss borowed it to go home at lunchtime. It came back with a little dent on the front corner, and a scratch.
He, of course, blamed me and swore blind it was not him. But witnesses, and a security camera, proved me not guilty.... it rolled out of gate 2 with him driving, no dent, back in gate 1 an hour later, dented. Then he tried the "It must have happened in the superstore car-park whilst I was in the store" ploy. Loud laughter from the rest of us. you're busted, van-denter!

After that, of course, i was freed to treat it like a work van, chucking tools, timber, concrete blocks, whatever, in the back, squeezing past fenceposts, driving on rocky tracks.

The first dent frees you.

P.S. What the hell's non-dairy ice-cream... I'm shuddering with horror. Soya or some other gunk?

Gallow said...

Obviously our dog did not do it, or the dent would be a 10.

CiCi said...

Thank goodness you know a car is just a means to get from one place to another. Not very nice that someone dented your car but they will get theirs eventually. That is a lot of ice cream you are eating. Hubby can eat a huge bowl of ice cream and I have a tiny bowl. Is that caramel on yours? You and your Mrs are to trim and fit that you don't look like you eat ice cream or snacks.

cookingwithgas said...

The bas*&^d!
It will all roll back around!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

It is chocolate soy ice cream, fantastico, covered with peanut butter! That was all I had for lunch and I was not much interested in dinner later :) I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do like chocolate and PB. AND you are so right soub, I knew there would soon be a dent. This is a lot bigger than I was expecting, but on the other hand, nobody hurt, didn't cost anybody anything, now no thief will steal the car and we can all move on :)

Unknown said...

MMMM Ice Cream. Looks good to me! I don't mind dents in my car as much as I hate when a truck throws a rock into my windshiled. Has happened three times to me. They come to the house to replace the windshiled, but it just makes me mad when that happens! Frankly I just about poop my pants when the rock's scarey! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

It went from a 2.3 to a 2? You rock Gary.
I do love those mugs, but my cousin never gets me a why bother? :)

BSOB said...

Dude, i'm in asheville, it wasnt me..

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I only back into my husband's car... or the posts in front of town hall.
And then I 'fess up right away.

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