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Saturday, November 28, 2009

guntshots at 12:45?

Was awakened at 12:45 by gunshots...or firecrackers. Don't know why somebody would be doing either last night? Many of my neighbor's lights popped on as I was looking out the window, but my neighbors the gun nuts ALREADY had their lights on. I was wondering if they were shooting at each other?
Then I fell deeply asleep, but OI the dreams! In one, the gun nuts make a pass at me and then Chuckie the doll...remember the demonic doll Chuckie? Was chasing me and then I was in a public library where some menacing gangster type would make you turn in your library card. THAT was disturbing.

Day one open studio was good yesterday and certainly fun. I get a lot done when people are watching me. Nicki came over, for example, and David who timed it just right, came over in time for a beer.
You could come over today, got peanut butter chocolate cookies and open 12-4, 540 Main St, Etna, NY, (rte 366, the purple house!).


kate et jim said...

Goodness Gary, you're up early! And I thought I was an early riser.

Nicki said...

So glad I got over, Gary. I have more shopping to do next pay check.

nickandmiri said...

Best of luck! Your studio must smell delicious! :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cookies and Champagne? perfect.
Only you could make me afraid of the library. :0

Becky Jo said...

If only I weren't 1000 miles away, I'd be there for cookies. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am eating one now. They are real, and they are spectacular :)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Cousin Gary! I would console myself with cookies after a bad dream.

ML said...

Can't decide which way to turn! Cookie or pottery? Well, the cookies are FREE so I'll check all those wonderful pottery goodies while I munch. Aren't you ever the clever merchandiser, but truly, your wares speak for themselves, VOLUMES, a whole library full, ackchally.

Pauline said...

Oh I wish I could pop over, it looks fantastic.
Thanks for the comments too.

Reverend Awesome said...

You live in a dangerous neighborhood!

Chuckie scares the crap out of me.

I wish I were closer for some cookies.

Lynda said...

You're right... library card theft is totally frightening!

Patricia Griffin said...

Your studio looks great! And looks like great fun. Wish I was close!

jeannette stgermain said...

Your pots and vases look so beautiful, artsy and attractive on the shelves!!

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