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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stevo and Judy and the excellent Tuesday...

So, you know, I am at the Cornell ceramics studio making some rather fun elephant jars and such, and Stevo's awesome wife Judy is a maternity nurse, with one of those wild schedules, meaning Tuesday is her Saturday.
Judy is like telling Stevo:
"you're always having fun with Gary. I want a piece of that."
So, you know how it is, we all roll down the hill to the Chapterhouse and have the beers and popcorn and raucous discussion. Mostly we gossiped about YOU.


Nicki said...

What fun!!!

Ron said...

Hey my first comment on the third blog. Yea Gary super blogger! I updated my link on my site for here too. Liked the jello poem.

Ron said...

I mean for your site. your site link from my blog. not my link to my site. that would be like here you are, click here, oh here you are again. how many beers have i had?

Amy said...

Wow... new layout and everything! Glad I found this new one. peace-

g said...

I remember that place.....!

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