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Saturday, November 21, 2009

punched out at 2 am....

(teapot by Gary Rith)
Big DAY.
So around 2am I am sound asleep and apparently the wife decides to move the beagle between us slightly and her arm too, and WHACK punches me in the left eye. I awake and am like "OWW!" and receive sleepy apologies.
I toss and turn a bit and then dream of my neighbors the gun nuts....jeeeeeeeeeez...
So then now? As I toast the bagels and warm the espresso and the wife comes down and I say
"would you please look at my left eye?" and there is, I can tell, no recollection on her pretty face and she is like
"WOW! Did somebody punch you in the eye? Did you hit yourself by accident???" and she goes on to say
"it is purplish!"
and I am like
"YOU! You punched me in eye at 2am and then I dreamed of our neighbors the gun nuts! THANKS FOR NOTHING!"
and I get the sweet apologies of course and I put it into my mental bank, like, if I NEED something I can say "remember when you socked me at 2am? Well maybe now you can make up for it...."

On my way with Tom and Tommy and Martha and Carol on a wee little road trip. The weather is good. We are going to a RAKU party in Syracuse, holy cats I am excited!
Got some road music here....


denis said...

take a photo of your purplish eye.

enjoy the raku party you lucky dawg.

Gallow said...

I wonder if it was a underlying hostility left over from the poker game.

Gordo said...

A middle of the night beating is good fodder for years of fun. Bridget elbowed me in the schnoz 10 years ago and I still tease her about it. It is NOT a nice way to wake up. LOL

Have fun in Syracuse!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Have a fun trip and partay!!!
Thankf for the tunes stuck in my brain...

Anonymous said...

A. "My wife is gonna see this and be like "you went out and had beers with a bunch of women?" and I, of course, will be like "YEP!"."
B. Punched out by said wife (who has no recollection of event) at 2AM .

Hmmmmmm.... ;-)

Moving on.
Raku party! Got some pots in there?

Anonymous said...

amigo... i was reading and scrolling looking for the picture of the shiner

ML said...

Hey! Me, too! I wanna see that shiner. That is too funny. And she looks so dainty and sweet. Just goes to show ya, huh?

kcinnova said...

Your audience requests pics of shiner (and we don't mean the kind of Shiner Farmer*sWife talks about)!

Gorgeous teapot, both glazing and the shape. (Goodness, but I'm thinking I might need to buy that one...)

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