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Friday, November 27, 2009

DIG IT: open studio today and Saturday and what's that white stuff on the ground?

SO, making the wee little teapots yesterday, as I said, and of course the triple chocolate cookies and the missus made this wild spicy pizza and it was warm and sunny and so we went out for a hike, as you can see from my contortions with the dawg, and then, naturally, the celebratory Thanksgiving martini with Spike....
OK, so there is snow on the ground, whoopee! C'mon over today or tomorrow for open studio: 540 Main, Etna, NY (rte. 366, the purple house!) 12-4

We were watching Flight of the Conchords last night and Dave is a favorite of mine, and here is one of his fake ads:


Becky Jo said...

I wish I could come over today... that would be the only shopping I'd be doing. I'll be leaving the house only for brunch with my friend Kate, a coupla gallons of antifreeze for the tractor... and maybe a new glaze brush. :)

Hilary said...

Spike and the flowers.. too sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look amazing, as does the plate they are on! :-) And that pizza??? I'm jealous (and now very hungry!)!

cindy shake said...

...AND you're wearing your HAWT leather jacket!!!!

Emily SIL said...

That Spike sure knows how to get himself into a candid!

soubriquet said...

Oh Man! Those teapots get funkier!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sweet tea pots...funny pictures...
snow???? gads. No thanks. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

I can't beeelieve I'm writing a comment under a Busy BEE! Ha!

Could you please send some of the white stuff down south? I'd love a little inspiration.

Great (third) blog!

celeste said...

Stupid parole.

Amy said...

any snow pics? please send some snow to Charlotte, NC. I'd happily come to visit your studio-- if only it were closer!

Lynda said...

Can't wait to see those finished teapots!

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