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Sunday, November 8, 2009

there was a glitch, so here is a new blog

Take 2.....goodness, blooger and I have had some diagreements today.


cookingwithgas said...

There you are.
And you knew we would follow!
Give my best to the family!

Pauline said...

Wow you move around a lot!!! ;o))

Kimberly said...

SNAFU'd (situation normal, all (you-know-what)'d up. Life on the web.

Jessica said...

Hi Gary! :)

Shortstuff said...

It's too bare. Post more.

Gordo said...

Where do you want the lamp? I always bring a housewarming present.

Chelle said...

Gordo brought the lamp. I've got a plant. Where do you want it?

Anonymous said...

This happened last time, too.
Guess I should bring you a beer!

John Bailey said...

Here we go again! Happy re-blogging day, Gary... :-)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

YES, it happened last time.....thanks for finding me.

kate et jim said...

Geez - you were there last night and this morning my bookmark can't get there from here! So back to your old blog and here I am.

Anndi said...

Is it ok if I brought you brownies as a blog warming? I would have been here sooner but they were hard to get across the border.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Tricky new blog.

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