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Friday, November 20, 2009


(GORGEOUS flower vases by Gary Rith, the missus gets her azz kicked in 7 card pocket change poker, the wicked beautiful calzone, Buster and Penny dogs, Spike hugs Emily cat)
My cards were all turning up aces last night, and a rare thing: I beat the missus at poker. 2 whole dollars! And isn't that calzone a thing of beauty? The first one we ate and it was UGLY. A mess. Tasted good. The second was a beauty. You gotta watch the sauce, if it seeps out during the making FORGET ABOUT IT.

Frolicsome Friday! Plans? Jeez, I gotta make more Santa mugs, gotta glaze, gotta go out and work with my friends at Cornell ceramics followed by Chapterhouse beers and finally a party at Nance's gallery.....dang, and that is just today---tomorrow I, well, you'll have to see, but tis tres exciting.
What do your weekend plans look like?


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, the vases are so beautiful!

And so is the misses!

And so are the cats!

And so is the fact that you won 2 stinking dollars.

Life is good!

Kimberly said...

Love them puddies!!!

Becky Jo said...

Holy Schmoly. That's a busy friday. Today, I'm waiting for the kiln to cool (with fingers crossed). Glaze testing stresses me out. Tomorrow my sister and her peeps are coming out, and I don't know what else for the rest of it???

P.S. Is 8am too early to eat a calzone?

Lori Buff said...

Beautiful vases, calzone, etc...I'll be choosing pottery to go into the Holiday Sale at Mudfire and my shelf at The Mercantile, throwing some pots and then going to Henry Bryant's show at the East Atlanta Village Library.
Sounds like a good Friday for everyone.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

CALZONE is good for you :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny. and I LOVE calzone..never made it myself.
Me? Cleaning, errands today. Tomorrow, more cleaning and errands and I hav family coming in from GA for a week!!! yay me.

Patricia Griffin said...

You are a BUSY guy! Today is studio time for me...

Michéle Hastings said...

it's almost lunch time and that calzone is making me drool!!!
i have a working weekend planned...get the bisque kiln unloaded tonite and immediately it off again tomorrow and while that's happening start glazing (ugh)..back to working real estate on sunday...i may not be getting out to socialize but i do have a stash of beer at the studio for evening break time and jeff will be there to join me :-)

Anonymous said...

That calzone looks tasty, as does that glaze combo! Happy weekend to you. I'm off to photograph more potspotspots (a few new ones now on the blog).

jb said...

Haven't had a calzone in years. Never even considered making one at home. What do you fill with if you don't mind the question?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Filled with homemade tomato sauce, onion, peppers, soy sausage and vegan "cheese". Super tasty :)

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