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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JELLO WRESTLING: the new azzless chaps?

(ME, nekkid in the bathtub with some of my friends)

My pal Wendy, we've known each other since we were like maybe 11 or 12, wrote a little story about jello wrestling, Seuss style. Got me thinking, it did indeed, that as funny as AZZLESS CHAPS sounds, JELLO WRESTLING sounds pretty darn funny too...

Wendy, who you see pictured below, wrote this because some of her friends were probably hoping she would jump into the jello pit:

"I might write a Dr Seuss-esque poem/song:

I will not jello wrestle in a house, ...
I will not jello wrestle with your spouse,
Not with Judy, not Joanne,
Not on plastic wrap, sprayed with Pam...

I will not jello wrestle here or there,
I will not jello wrestle anywhere

I will not jello wrestle, though you're a fan
I will not jello wrestle, Sam-I-Am"


denis said...

that's a great poem. you're right it is very dr. seuss like.

Wendy said...

There were a whole bunch of funny responses to this, but here are the ones that are also in poem form:

Brian Francis:
But I will jello wrestle when I'm soused...

Kristina Howland Hughes
forget your spouse, or your house, on the rug or in the tub, jello wrestling makes a mess and this reason I must confess....take it wend...

Christopher Weiss
could I get you to change your mind
if that jello were turned to wine
if the wrestling was tender and kind
it would not be rediculous but sublime
with lemons and oranges and maybe some limes... Read More
we could do it in a vat
far from any wife's baseball bat
or any drunken onlooker rats
afterwards we'd be fine
licking our limbs and
drinking our wine...

Judy Cohen Stanton
Jello brand or plain old Knox
I don't wrestle, I don't box.
But if Chris and Dana do,
I'll watch them wrestle in the goo.
One request guys: be good sports... Read More
And please keep on your boxer shorts!

Lynn Oatman
Lynn Oatman
If Chris and Dana jello wrestle
bring along your drinking vessel
nothing good can come from this
but Wendy it would be remiss
not to say they're silly guys... Read More
there would be no wrestling prize.

Anonymous said...

amigo... congrats on the third blog, that's an unbelievable amount of blogging.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

remember the moment in the movie OLD SCHOOL when there is gonna be KY wrestling?

Kimberly said...

It looks like she is consuming one of those huge Ithaca burritos.

Wendy said...

That I am, Sam-I Am, I mean Kimberly

Lynda said...

Yikes! nekkidness!

Jay said...

So yesterday you posted on your old blog the link to the new blog. So I put that blog in my reader. Now today that blog doesn't exist and THIS is your new blog.

I guess you thought I wouldn't be able to find you. HA! I showed you! ;-)

Wendy said...

The latest posting:

Dana Cooke
In Jello those fellows Dana and Chris
Groppled and floppled for an awe-doppled miss
The oooey and gooey accrued in the biss
And nooky and cranny of his bodney and his
Behind neckers and ears, around anklies and wrists... Read More
Hung from their lips like a kerfloogalie kiss
"I like how it cleaves hews and heaves," said the miss
"All this oooey and gooey in that place and this
"I'm sure its cud-cuddly on toes, nose, and wrist."
"It is. Sure it is. Cud-cuddly," said Chris.
"But let me take off these boxers. There's places we missed."

Susan as herself said...

OH, my. Clearly this new blog has inspired mucho giddiness!!! :)

kate et jim said...

Same thing happened to me, Jay! Thought it was there, then poof - gone. Found it again! haha!

Reverend Awesome said...

This new blog looks to be very promising. Nude knees.

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