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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BAMF of the week: Jim drove 12 hours to see me, yes he did....

You know I am magnetic and fascinating, right? Its a given.
Famous Kentucky potter and blogger Jim Gottuso happens to have grown up near us here in New York and he drove up from Louisville to see his fam and see me. Or at least meet my beagle and go to my bar....
If that doesn't qualify you for BAMF of the week I don't know what does....

Dig Neko Case.....


nickandmiri said...

Blog buds and beer! Such happy pictures.

Wishing you and Maude a very Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Miri said...

Blog buds and beer...such happy pictures! :-)

Wishing you and Maude a very Happy Thanksgiving!

nickandmiri said...

Hmm....sorry about that! Blogger lied to me and said my comment didn't go through. So there you have it. Double wishes for a happy thanksgiving.

Gallow said...

Very impressive.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

and tonight, more of same with the Gallow family............ :)

Barbara said...

You two look very happy to raise a few together, but Penny looks positively elated that you brought Jim home!

Gordo said...

No Sofia? Hi, Jim!

Reverend Awesome said...

Well congratulations on being BAMF, Jim!
Only the finest of people get that honor.

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