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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Monkey Business

Some thoughts about blogging:
a) I like this new format here. Less junk around the edges, bigger pictures!
b) I have found a way to get photos onto the blog using little or no memory, HA!
c) I am introducing 2 regular features because I like to have fun and I love hearing what you have to say:
--Monday Monkey Business---go to comments and leave a joke!
--Frolicsome Fridays---in comments you can tell us all your big plans for the weekend! The HOTTER the better!

So, to get this rolling, here is, appropriately enough, a monkey joke.

A police officer came upon a terrible wreck where the driver and passenger had been killed. As he looked upon the wreckage a little monkey came out of the brush and hopped around the crashed car. The officer looked down at the monkey and said "I wish you could talk."

The monkey looked up at the officer and shook his head up and down.

"You can understand what I'm saying?" asked the officer.

Again, the monkey shook his head up and down.

"Well, did you see this?"

"Yes," motioned the monkey.

"What happened?"

The monkey pretended to have a can in his hand and turned it up by his mouth.

"They were drinking?" asked the officer.


"What else?"

The monkey pinched his fingers together and held them to his mouth.

"They were smoking dope?"


"Now wait, you're saying your owners were drinking, and smoking dope before they wrecked."


"What were you doing during all this?"

"Driving" motioned the monkey.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Hey Gary, the new look GR blog is very cool! Niceeeee :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Thank you :)

Stacey B said...

Love the new layout, love the black background!!

My joke:

Two muffins were sitting in the oven

One turns to the other and says, “Wow it’s hot in here!”

The other muffins says, “Woah! A talking muffin!!!”

Reverend Awesome said...

I don't know any jokes! Is this really true?

This is hard...

That's what she said!

kate et jim said...

Hey - I wondered where my pet monkey went! ;) He snitched!

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