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Monday, April 14, 2014

WHAT could be more cute?????

Look at this young dude, using my car bowl for his snack!  Kate and Jim's grandson Elijah KNOWS things taste better in one of my car bowls, tres cute, hmmm?

I told you yesterday I was making Vegan Stoner's pineapple pizza and holy CATS it is good. I have never had pineapple on pizza, and you KNOW I love pineapple...this pizza also has spinach and soy chorizo:  BRILLIANT.  I usually make my own gluten-free pizza crust, but had been given a Bob's red mill gf pizza crust mix and used it for the first time also...superb all around!

Why yes, the cat was checking it out in the oven and those are my bare toesies, cute, hmm?  Don't look too close...
The wife is super cute, as always, and will kill me if she finds I posted pictures I sorta almost maybe promised I wouldn't post....and then I did it TWICE.  I am bad.... have an awesome Monday!


Barbara Rogers said...

The bowl is great, Elijah is just the right model for selling those! And your wife and Spike are a great combo...though of course I never saw here here!

Lori Buff said...

Lucky kid. I bet he loves the bowl as much as the snack.

bartster said...

Cute and what fine grandparents to gift Elijah with something FUN and also made by a true artisan.

Anonymous said...

oh my...i can't believe you make bowls with fabulous is that !!! and of course snacks taste better :)

thanks for dropping by my blog the other day, and confirming your blogging hour....i think your more like a 'middle of night' person....i think of myself as a 'morning' person, but that starts around 8 am!

cheers, and thanks for such a lovely laugh - cheers, Linda

Hilary said...

The kidlet and the cat.. both absolutely adorable!

smalltownme said...

I hope Spike didn't singe his paws! Such a helper.

Your wife is so lovely, as always.

Emily SIL said...

Looks like Spike approved the pizza, too, and he's not even a vegetarian!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Just bought pineapple. Plans for salsa but surely there is enough for pizza too!

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