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Sunday, April 20, 2014

back to IMPOSSIBLY CUTE ... egg cups for Easter!

(egg cup by Gary Rith)

Yesterday my good friend and neighbor Lesli saw the skull mugs and was like "whoa, where are the cute puppies and piggies that Gary is famous for?  This can't be you..." and OF COURSE it is.  My skulls are cute!  I think so.  Badassedly cute...

But hey, my work is at least 99% unarguably cute, right?  Today will not disappoint!

One thing the wife had to adapt to in getting together with me is that Easter is a big deal.
NOT in the way you think.  I am a Quaker, and we say "no day is more sacred than another" that although we know how to have fun, we do not get overexcited and ostentatious about events (supposedly)... and many Quakers like me do not have a literal Biblical understanding of the life of Jesus.  OK, so that just explains that for me, Easter is a nice little spring celebration.

When I was a kid my mom would make a bunny cake, my great-grandmother would send chocolate lambs and my sister and I would decorate and dye eggs and then hide them and hunt them down...again and again!  It was also around my birthday, and you already know that I am in a celebratory mood.

SO, yeah, this morning, and my sleeping wife does not know it yet, I am decorating some eggs and hiding them and LOOK WHAT I MADE FOR HER.  A week or so ago my old buddy Norah Smith was featured in the NY Times for her eggs cup and hand knitted hats, which is pretty flippin' cool for a full-time scientist, part-time potter.....
SO, I went down to the studio, thought about, and wanted to make an egg cup of some kind... I have made one so far, and the wife will soon come down to pumpkin pie and this egg cup for Easter :)
Happy Easter yerself!


LS said...

Back to adorable!

Anonymous said...

well, it would seem your blog has now become part of my morning ritual....which is lovely BTW! eggcups...oh right, i used to make a funny little eggcup and plate combo...all in one....the plate was of course for the soldiers that would get dipped into the egg :)
making sure the egg didn't either flop around or was too big finally had me dropping this item! it wasn't exactly a hot seller tho :)

i loved your friends hats and egg cups, very cute indeed!

have a very happy easter - it's nice and sunny here so a good hike will be in the cards!

cheers, linda

Barbara Rogers said...

I especially like the wrapping touch, take-away box! Happy Spring!

smartcat said...

Oh fer Cute!! This one is a sweetheart for your sweetheart.
Hope you are enjoying lots of sun and warmth!

Michèle Hastings said...

The egg cup is so sweet! Maude will love it.

JB said...

Love the covered egg cup! What a cute idea.

Anonymous said...

That is too twee for words. How are you the same dude churning out the goth skull mugs??? Crazy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a sweet gift for your sweetie!!! Happy belated Easter.

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