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Saturday, April 12, 2014

the first morning WITH and the first morning WITHOUT and that f$%king mouse...

(piggy sculpture by Gary Rith)
I was all excited...the first half hour I was up this morning I got into my robe and was like "hey, the house is not too cold, maybe for the first time this winter I don't need to turn the heat on!"

It has been our coldest and longest winter ever.  I remember the blizzard at Thanksgiving, and we had never seen below zero in March.... but it has been nice the last couple of days, maybe even 80 Monday! Snow expected Tuesday, though, no joke....

Anyhow, the heat is on now, but still :)

In other news, I made these choco chip cookies yesterday and they are flippin' AWESOME.  Gluten-free from Bob's red mill!  I was given a mix, and although I always cook from scratch, this is a REMARKABLY tasty mix.  Mindblowing even.  My breakfast consisted of one of those, the first time EVER, with peanut butter on it, and a muffin I had made....

That f%$king mouse? Cheeky bastard.  I tossed the muffin paper into the compost under the sink.  I am sitting here with Spike the cat and FIVE minutes ago I hear rustling under the sink....and the paper is out of the compost and dragged toward the hole by the pipe.... this has happened so many mornings I can't count--this mouse loves muffin papers!  And where is my killer kat Spike in all this?  Asleep on the chair next to me....

Have an awesome Saturday :)


smartcat said...

It's been a tough winter, no doubt about it! We finally have daffodils. I think they were on their way out this time last year. We have not had the woodstove going for three days now. Of course, as you know, that is subject to change. But I am actually considering taking down the curtains that turned my studio into a workable space this winter!
We have had far too many cats who will sit and watch as mice scamper by then turn and look as if saying, "Gosh, somebody should do something about that!"
Toes crossed that the snow is only a myth!

Barbara Rogers said...

Me too, first thoughts this morning, that I don't have to turn on the heat as I go feed the animals and then me. Glory hall etc. I look at Vicki Lane's flowers she's posting (and she's further up the mountains than I am) and it's such a feast after the long long winter. (

bartster said...

We're just at the freezing mark and snow is in the forecast. Our nicest day was Thursday we nearly reached 50. I wonder if our cold is Mothers Nature's attempt to restore the balance that our human activity has disrupted.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oh Spike.....
The cookies look good. The Bob's Red Mill GF Brownie mix is very good too. You can spruce it up by adding extra chocolate chips or peanut butter. I'll try the cookie one sometime. Cookies for breakfast!!!!

Jenny Hart Boren said...

The hard truth is, one visible mouse equals many, many invisible ones. The little stinkers will eat your wiring, insulation, wallboard, and on and on; and turn it all into poop and more mice.

Little Mickey and Minnie aren't paying rent--if it were MY house, I'd evict 'em!

Michèle Hastings said...

those f#$%'n mice. we have go arounds with them too.
(adorable piggies!)

cm said...

We have one seemingly indestructible mouse here. B's trying to build a better mousetrap but J the dog keeps eating the peanut butter.

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