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Friday, April 25, 2014

Stonehenge, VIRGIN SACRIFICE and my black thumb....

Thursday kicked AZZ:  mild and sunny!  Not something you can count on this spring.
Twas the FIRST day I could dry pots outdoors!
I cut the lawn for the first time!  Monday, the grass was lying around out there, all brown and dead...but it got warm and sunny and started growing fast.... a couple days of heavy rain and it was already up to my knees!  Seriously, it had to be cut (people in warm places are wondering what is the big deal:  but last week we had heavy snow, AND at the start of yesterday, April 24??? It was 25 degrees out there. And  MORE SNOW EXPECTED SATURDAY)

OK, the real reason I cut the grass is I am purely lazy.  I don't rake leaves in fall or spring... I shred them with the mower!  MULCH!  Win-win, minimal effort....

Also, as you see below, I added rocks to MY PERSONAL STONEHENGE.  Many of you will recall this is an ongoing project.  Sure, the central slab looks like a raised alter to sacrifice virgins BUT I SWEAR all we do is drink martinis out there with the dog!

A neighbor is like:  "we had our septic field dug up, you want any of the rocks????"

Some of you might be thinking "EWWWWW!  Poopy rocks!" But, well, you know, what is rain for?  And there was this STUNNING large block of a rock, and with a small flat friend Penny and I were able to add a seat to our personal Stonehenge.
Alert readers will note:  Gary has a black thumb for growing plants but grows rocks beautifully :)
Have a great Friday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Nice bowls...and I'm thinking the last rock (triangular with rounded bottom) will be a wobbly one to sit on...great for kids.

Trish said...

I LIKE it!.. :).. sounds like a great idea to have a personal Stonehenge..Tooo chilly here yet to dry things outdoors, but I did get a bisque load in today--dry and ice-free trek to my kiln..finally! :) Great Friday to you too! T.

cm said...

Remind me to invite you and Penny up when it's time to landscape the back yard. :-)

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